Rock Me

Rock Me - Cherrie Lynn So on the advice of numerous people, I skipped the first book in the series and went straight to rock me. And I have to say that I liked it a lot. Brian is awesome. Hard and pierced and tattooed on the outside, sweet and kind and insecure on the inside. He always knew the right words to say to make everything better for everyone, and though he and his family seem to have a tumultuous relationship, he is so independent and strong it didn’t really phase him. Now for most of the book I thought Candance was a typical female lead, she was innocent, naïve, and in my opinion wanting attention, but then again like I said, typical. But for the last 25% I thought she wanted too much from Brian, he kept having to give, and give, and give, and without really getting anything in return. Now I think that there should be some kind of middle ground in relationships. That said the sex, was HOTT, every interaction between these two in the first 75% of this book, was had me on fire. Brian was just to good at what he does, and on top of that the descriptions of the piercing (which I had to look up) and what they do, had me drooling over one of these guys in ways that I never thought I would.

Overall for a quick, SMUTTY read, sure give it a go