Seducing Cinderella

Seducing Cinderella - Gina L. Maxwell 3.5 stars

So I really liked this book, which is why I rounded up and not down. I thought it was just the right mix of steamy, sweet and funny, I liked every moment spent with these two. I thought that the author really did a good job of the multiple POV transitions. Also, I liked that there wasn't any unnecessary angst or drama. I knew what the major plot points were, and what the conflict was going to be, and I could appreciate how it all happened. But I wanted more!

So Lucie is just your average girl, who feels just average, and she wants to be seen as more, she is a physical therapist, and likes her job as well as one of her coworkers. The problem? She's been working with the dude for 3 years and can't seem to get him to pay attention, in fact he met her bff once, and he want her number. I think what I liked about Lucie the most was her growth, it was clear that having Reed back in her life, changed the way she saw herself, and the small attention he paid to her had a serious impact on her self confidence. Once Reed started to work on helping her get Dr. Mann, there was a bloom in Lucie, but it was gradual, and not over night. I also loved her friend Vanessa, who I think is exactly what a bff is made up of, she was so supportive of Lucie, and always there to encourage her and Reed's relationship.

Now Reed Andrews is the kinda guy that girls would just swoon over. He is hot cause he's a fighter who can't seem to lose, ripped body, great face, wonderful smile. He is rich, famous, and not a bit cocky about either of those things. And while he has the occupation of brute, he has the soul of and artist, he knows how to use his hands and words to make a woman go mad. And I don't know how Lucie continually stopped herself from jumping his bones. But then again, I guess that was because like a true prince charming, he was always in control. I loved how he first saw Lucie as the little sister of his best friend, but after a while he saw her as a beautiful woman, and he helped her to again the self confidence to see herself as such. I would've liked to have seen some more interaction with Jackson, or any because there wasn't any between them. Also, I would like to have gotten to be there when they told Jackson about their relationship. But still the Reed we got to know was just the sweetest ever.

So I liked this book waaaaaaaaaaay more than I thought I would, but I wanted so much more, because these two are just so wonderful together. I hope that there is a sequel.