Laid Bare

Laid Bare  - Lauren Dane Ok, so this book was....different. But I have to say that there was clear transference of emotion, and there was definitely more than substantial story line in here. I liked how smooth the POV transitions were, and just the way the characters related to each other. I think that the book was really well written and thought out. Well paced, nothing felt rushed or too slow.

So this is as unconventional as they come. I have to say that I thought I had a pretty open mind, but this one kinda caught be off guard. But I think it was done a lot better than another book about a real long-term threesome relationship. I have to say I loved each of the characters on their own merit. So Erin Brown is quite the character, she is a balls to the wall kind of girl who walked right up to Officer Todd Kennan and told him that she wanted him, and he wanted her, then she became the ultimate submissive. But Todd was not ready to be a Dom to Erin, so they broke up. Ten years later he walks into her coffee shop to get some coffee, and the rest as they say is history. I have to say that I liked Erin because she was so open, and honest, and just a go-getter. Although over the past 4 years something horrible happened to her, that drove her back home, she is still so strong. I love her relationship with her brothers, Adrian and Brody, they love her, and she loves them, and its just so cool that they can be so close after all this time.

Todd Kennan, was a man who understood missed opportunities, and after letting Erin walk out of his life 10 years ago, the moment he sees her again, he is convinced that he's never gonna let her go. A few months into their relationship, in invites his BFF to join, them, and everything changes. I think that the idea of a triad, is a little beyond me, but it really did work for them, which was kinda sweet, the way they were able to be there for each other, I thought that Ben never really had cause to feel left out. Which was pretty awesome.

So, this book is super duper sexy, but I have to say that the content may not be for everyone, but if you're cool with triads, and want an incredibly hot read. definitely check this out.