About Last Night

About Last Night - Ruthie Knox So I don’t know that I have all that much to say about this book. It was good, not spectacular, kind of predictable, and just normal. I will say that there were a couple of things that I really liked about the story starting with Neville Chamberlain. Nev is hot and I kept saying his lines with my awful British accent, and laughing. He was just such a sweetheart. And I totally saw most of the book through his eyes, so even as the story developed, and he made mistakes, for me at least they were forgivable mistakes. I liked that he was the kind of guy who could be so well-bred, but still so thoughtful and considerate. For the most part Cath was tolerable, I thought she felt sorry for herself too much in the beginning, though I have to admit once I knew her entire story I could see where she was coming from, and why she behaved the way she did. I thought Judith was hilarious, and fun, she was so dry and sarcastic, but though Cath couldn’t see it, I could see that she genuinely cared fro her employee. I really didn’t believe the ultimatum that Nev’s mother and brother gave him, that was just a bit farfetched for me, and it felt stupid, and so when everything else fell apart, I was unimpressed, and kind of pissed off at everyone except Nev and his dad. My biggest problem with the story was the major conflict that came near the end. I didn’t understand it, nor did I understand why the main characters behaved the way that they did. I also wish we had a little bit more, perhaps even an epilogue looking a small way into the future for them as a couple.

If you're looking for a fast read, with some romance, a fair amount of steam, pick this up.