Knight & Play

Knight & Play - Kitty French 3.5 stars!

This book was a sweet surprise. I've had it on my nook for a while, and honestly thought I'd read it previously, but I loved it. I think that this book is a smut book, lots and lots of super steamy scenes, and a great lead male and female. In these two I found such a great potential for a memorable love story. I have to say that the pacing of the book was fine but I wanted more! I've realized that I've been asking most authors for this, but its true, I feel like just when the book is getting good the author ends with a to be continued grrrrrrrrrr! I was gonna deduct a star, but the author apologized at the end, and so It got its full rating lol.

So I want to start with the leading lady, who is so relateable, and cool, and I think she is one of those women who just really represents women well. I think Sophie is in quite a predicament, she has a husband who is being distant, an old boss who is a creeper, and a new boss who is sex on legs! She started a new job as a P.A. to a "sex mogul" and she is learning a lot about the industry ad herself.

The beautiful, charming, sweet, considerate, compassionate, understanding yummy morsel of a man who is Lucien Knight, is just the swooniest lead male I've read about in a while. All alpha, but also super understanding, and caring he is just the ultimate. And the way he treats Sophie, is just the best. When he messes up, he is tries his best to fix it, and not with sex like most alphas. Now there is something dark in his past, but I think that Sophie is the right person to bring light into his life.

So I think that if you want a super fast, super steamy, really cool read, give this one a chance, I think that it was more than worth my time.