Unbeautifully - Madeline Sheehan I have to say that this was a story that moved me, it made me want to break things, and then put them back together, it made me what to rant, and cry and scream, I was anger, I was sad, I was disappointed, I was insecure, but at the very very end I was happy. Madeline Sheehan knows how to cut a grl into into tiny pieces, some so small that she can’t ever put herself back together. I will say this, the book was not has crazy as the first one, there were tons of moments where things were terrible, but maybe Undeniable gave me the thick skin I needed to be able to deal with all that was going on in this book. That said, this was one hell of a ride. So many characters, unlike Undeniable, it was a little bit more evident that there are setups for future books, and so we got to know a bunch of characters in this book way better than in the first.

“Danny was every man’s wet dream; an honest-to-god good, seet girl who was drop dead gorgeous and fucked like a whore…If she was anyone else’s daughter he’s have been a week straign up inside her…But she wan’t anyone else’s daughter. She was Deuce’s daughter, and every bit as lethal to him as Frankie had been.

So Danielle West, I loved her in Undeniable, she was so loving and sweet and kind, and she reminded me a lot of a young Eva, she saw the world as her play ground, and I don’t think she was afraid of anything. Her fearlessness really comes out in this book. It picks up a couple of months after Eva was kidnapped. Danny and Cage have really had to step up and take over the runnings of their household since Eva and Deice are not dealing well with the aftermath, but we’ll get to that. Danny has an awful night at her prom, and calls the club for pick up. Ripper is sent, and so begins a love story that was more story than love. Danny is the kind of girl who is very used to getting what she wants, and I think that played a huge role in the way she reacts ti Ripper wanting to keep their relationship a secret. She knows the club life, and she knows how the guys especially Ripper is with girls, but she still falls for him. And she can’t seem to not love him. Danny wants to have her home life back, she wants to be happy again, and I think Ripper offers her a certain safety net that she needs. I really loved her for being able to make the sought decisions, tough deicisons I think that Eva wouldn’t have been able to make. She is so strong, even in her weaknesses her strength shines through.

“Rainstorms brought you to your knees, soaking you in controllable need, lightning flashing before your eues while you dug your fingers deep intot eh earth trying to hold on…Rpper was my rainstrorm, my skin-drenching frenzy, where you couldn’t tell right from left, where al you could feel was the phemonomin exploding throughout your body, feverishingly burning through you even as it pleasubaly cooled.”

Ripper, I think this is who the entire book was really about. Not so much the relationship, as much as Ripper dealing with the many issues that started so many years ago when Frankie messed him up. Ripper is such a good guy, but its like Frankie but away at the good, and left these dark, evil scars on him. But when Ripper makes of mistake of getting drunk with Danny, his entire perspective on life changes, everything becomes clear again, it is clear that he can be good, but he can only do it with Danny by his side. I think that the best part of the story was him working through his issues, especially those surrounding Eva. I also liked, that unlike Deuce, when the moment came, he went for it, he was so sure about what he wanted not only for himself but for Danny. They really struggled, but he never ever thought that there was not a chance, and I think that made him better than Deuce. He also believed he wasn’t worthy of her, but he didn’t take that out on her, instead, he worked around his issues to the best of his ability. And it made them both stronger in the end.

Now I want to rant for a bit. I was so disappointed at the end of Undeniable when the author kind of skipped over the healing process for Eva and Deuce, I knew it was not going to be pretty, I knew that things were not instantly going to go back to being what they were before. But DAMN! I freaking hated Deuce for the first half of this book. I wanted to shot him in the testicles (cause I don’t think I would win in hand-to-hand combat) and then make him eat them raw! And I wanted to slap some sense into Eva, I think that the fact that she stayed with Deuce even though he was treating her like the freaking plague was just plain ridiculous. How could he do that? How could she stay? But I will also say that I’m super happy that they finally got their happy ending in this book, I want everyone to know that, because by the 40% mark I wanted Eva to just run as far away as possible, and I wanted Deuce to get hit my a rapid moving train.

I liked that there were setups for the next few books in the series, we got to know some other characters. I just want to also say that CAGE IS THE BEST BROTHER EVER! AND I WANT HIS BOOK RIGHT EFFING NOW!
That is all!