Spark - Brigid Kemmerer Amazing...just absolutely amazing, I can't believe I was apprehensive about this one.

So the second installment in this really awesome series mostly about four brothers who can control the four main elements on the planet- Earth, water, fire, and air. It was fantastic! I have to say that I was apprehensive about reading this book at first. Gabriel seemed to be really full of himself, and always seemed to want o fight with everyone about everything. Boy was I wrong. Gabriel turned out to be more insecure and broken than his other brothers about all that has happened. I thought that the way I got to know Gabriel he was so different from what we saw in Chris, and have been seeing in both Michael and Nick. The plot was done really well, and I love the new characters.

Layne is the perfect girl for someone like Gabriel who is such a showoff, and does it to hide who he really is. Layne is just as insecure, but she doesn’t hide it as well. Watching their relationship develop was so good, because there was this innate trust that they seemed to be deeper than any other relationship that Gabriel had including the one his twin brother.
I loved Simon who is Layne’s deaf younger brother. I loved that he was so open, and that he was trying to persevere passed his disability. I also loved that Gabriel never really saw him as disabled neither did any of the other Merrick boys.

I went into this book thinking that it could never be as good as Storm because I loved Chris even in Elemental. However, Gabriel as stolen my heart. His compassion for Layne and Simon, the guilt he constantly carried, the embarrassment that he felt, it was clear that the writer knew how to make all these emotions come off the page and enter me. I also loved his witty comebacks, and rude comments, it might set some people off, but I thought it was hilarious, and fun, and gave a little bit of relief to the intense vibe of this book.

The plot in this book was also so strong I made several guesses about who or what was causing those fires, and they were all wrong. And I loved that, I loved that there was no way I could’ve guessed, and I also loved that the set up for the next story and several more in the series has already be laid out. I will also say that there are some characters that I currently don’t like, namely Quinn, I think she just made think unnecessarily difficult between Nick and Gabriel, and thus in the entire house, and I kind of wanted to tell her to take a hike. And I don’t really know how I feel about Hunter yet, granted I didn’t read fearless, but I’m not sure what my overall impression of him is at this point, and I know that Spiprit is all about him….but I will definitely be looking out for Spirit

So I left Storm feeling like I had to have more Becca and Chris but about 20% through Spark I’d forgotten why I even liked them in the first place. I highly recommend this one. Gabriel, Layne, Simon and the other Merrick Brothers will indeed light a fire in your heart, that is for sure.