10 Nights

10 Nights - Michelle Hughes, Karl Jones This was quite the read, I want to say that overall I enjoyed the book, it was fast, it was furious, and intriguing at the same time. Now I think that over the past few months my library of erotica and BDSM stories have grown, and its easy for all the stories to get jumbled up together, but 10 nights will stand out in my mind. I think the characters were for the most part more than 2-dimnesional, it is clear that there is thought in each of them. Now, I have to say that for the majority of the book while I didn’t agree with the lead female character’s decisions, the majority of them were realistic.

The writing style lent itself to a book where I wasn’t always frustrated with the main characters and their decisions. I think that having a style in which we get into the heads of nearly all of the characters does make the book one that is a bit easier to understand, and one that flows a little bit better. I enjoyed the way the each of the chapters were named as well, its small but I think having that extra touch makes reading more enjoyable, and it also makes me want to read especially with chapter titles like; Control, Paradise, Barely Living, etc. there was just a little bit of mystery in there that kept me turning the pages.

Rhett as a main male character is a bottle of contradictions. But I have to admit even with his Dom persona, and some really strange sex things in there, I think I like him. He is no holds bard that is for sure, but this is the lifestyle that he chooses to embrace, and while some of the scenes in these nights were extreme, I still think that he was looking for a woman who was willing to stay thru those 10 nights, now while I personally don’t think I could do such a thing, I don’t think he was wrong to put Leah or any of the woman who was willing through the 10 nights, and give them a hard line. Rhett told Leah that if she used her safe word at any time, during any scene during their time together, he would end the entire thing with her. Now while I believe Leah took that to mean that she would have to endure anything that he threw I her, I took it to mean that he couldn’t see himself with someone who wouldn’t stay.

Now Leah was in herself a character that I thought would easily get annoying, and I would be frustrated with. But I ended up liking her for most of the book. When we are told that we should not judge someone by one decision they make, I think that applies to Leah for sure. But I think that many of her decisions were just plainly, wrong and stupid. Having said that, I also loved how resilient she was, while she did fall for this guy, there was something in her, that was unwilling to completely submit, and throughout several of her experiences it was clear that she knew that she had an out, and she was choosing not to use it. Now while some people may’ve seen this as stupid, I saw it as powerful, while she feared losing Rhett, I also think that she knew that he was teaching her some valuable things about herself as well, he was pushing her, and several times throughout the book, as he pushed, she pushed back, and I think she grew in the process. That said there are battles that we win and battles that we lose, and I think that she is fighting a losing one, and while I’m excited to read the next book, I don’t know how she’s gonna come out from this one.

Janie who is Leah’s best friend and the person who introduces her to the BDSM lifestyle is such a sweetie, I feel that she’s the kind of best friend that I like. She is honest, and she tries her best to advise Leah when she things going wrong, at the same time it is clear that she knows her best bud very well, and so she is also a great source of comfort and support for Leah when she goes to speak to Rhett herself, in order to try to help Leah, I thought it was a moment of strength, and loyalty because she risked getting into trouble her self with her own boyfriend for Leah .David is another character who I liked, and who I thought was realistic, he is the best friend of Rhett, and Leah’s bf, and DOM and in David there is a clear balance between Dom life, and real life, and it’s refreshing to see such a relationship in a book with a topic such as this one.

So, why four stars? Well I think it is a 3.5 star book, but I promised a star (fine half a star) for tying that cover in with the story, and the way it is tied is awesome, I loved that little bit with the chess pieces, it was great. I do recommend this book, especially to those who enjoyed Fifty Shades, or even those who hated it but like erotic BDSM reads, I think this one is pretty authentic, and I think most would enjoy it.