Hopeless - Colleen Hoover ‘…the sky is always beautiful. Even when it’s dark or rainy or cloudy, it’s still beautiful to look at.”

This book left me feeling like I need to reexamine my dislike of YA books. I found just the most complex, honest, free-spirited, and wonderful characters within these pages. The story of the girl who can’t feel emotion or anything when she is kissed, and the boy with the word Hopeless scrolled across his arm. Sky Davis has lived a very sheltered life, she has been homeschooled from the time she was old enough to enter school, and has finally talked her mother into allowing her to be in public school for her senior year. Sky’s only real link to the outside world is her very honest, caring , kind, thoughtful and promiscuous very best friend in the whole wide world next door neighbor Six (I know, how cool is that name?). And Six has introduced Sky to many boy from the high school, who have snuck into their rooms for make out sessions where Sky focuses on the stars above her. Now that Sky is allowed to start high school however, Six has been accepted into a foreign exchange program in Italy. And thus begins Sky’s 3 month adventure that is Hopeless. Personally, this book was just so emotional, and yet there where moments in there that just stuck out and made me realize how wonderful these characters really were.

Though the book is written from Sky’s POV Ms. Hoover does a great job of being able to convey the emotions, thoughts and feelings that surround all the various characters that we meet. One thing that I enjoyed was that Sky was an avid reader, which she would have to be because not only was she homeschooled, but she didn’t have a TV or the internet or even a phone at home. But the story flow seamlessly, it is intriguing, heartbreaking, sweet, and at just the right moments funny, and cute. I think that Ms. Hoover knows just how to mix all the hardships with all the great moments, so that you don’t feel utterly depressed at any one time.

Sky was the kind of character who will stick with me for a while to come. She was so strong and true to herself, I’m kinda considering homeschooling my kids, because I really do think that it contributed to her overall personality. I think she is the kind of child that parents wish they would raise (aside from the boys climbing into her window). Her love for her mother, and her best friend was so sweet and real. When she meets Holder, and they begin their relationship, she works hard to understand him, and the decisions that he makes. I do like that she is so trusting, I think that’s how someone who hasn’t really socialized outside of a few good people would be. Her characterization has no flaws in my opinion which is one of the merits of this book.

Holder is one of those young men that I kinda wish didn’t even exist in books, because it crushes me that he cannot exist in real life. He is just the best ever. I can’t think of one thing he did or said that wasn’t so sweet or kind or considerate. I loved the way he supported
Sky through all her decisions, and in those moments when she was falling apart, he just held her together, like she was the precious element in his life. The things he said, the actions he took were so loving, and caring and considerate. I think that he was just one of those guys that I really wish existed. And also he had a great sense of humor that just made him stand out even more in mind.

I really don’t want to give away too much of the story, but I want to say that more than that, in the pages of this book, I found a beautiful story, at times happy, at time tragic, at other times laugh-out-loud funny, but overall just beautiful. I really hope more people get to experience Hopeless, because it really is a story worth reading.