Paradise - Judith McNaught 700+ pages and I still want more... Now thats a great book

Firstly, I have to thank Angie for recommending this book to me. It was everything she said it would be and more. Secondly, this book has shown be that without a shadow of a doubt, authors used to write much better romances. I think about all the books out there right now, and I can’t think of 5 that can compete with the awesomeness that was Paradise. I think that more than anything else, this book was able to so seamlessly convey so many emotions, the various characters were whole, and always 3-dimensional, no matter how simple their actions may have seemed.

Matt and Meredith are two people who tried to make love work out of attraction, and for so many unforeseen or controllable reasons, it didn’t work back then. When a second chance at a relationship is presented to them, they are both wary of what could happen if they take the leap, but they do it, though a lot more cautious than the first time around.

I loved the chemistry that was exploding off every page of this book. It was just so beautiful, the way that the author was able to tell us this story over so much time. But I liked the time we spent with both leading characters separately. It really gave me an opportunity to know them, and understand them, and many of their characteristics. By the end of the book Matt nd Meredith didn’t feel like characters in a book, they felt like friends.

The secondary characters were also lots of fun, my favorite by far was chauffeur/bodyguard Joe. He was just so funny. I really liked Lisa as well.

So if you think that this book will be boring. THINK AGAIN! When I got to 85% all I kept thinking was… its really going to end? I loved it and I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a GREAT romance.