Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi I really, really enjoyed this book. I thought that having the opportunity to enter this world and meet these characters, was so much fun. The world that has been created by Veronica Rossi, was I admit at first, difficult to imagine, but once we got into the middle of the book, my imagination kicked into high gear, and it was amazing. The book begins in Reveriee which is an underground world where people live in pods, and while they for about normal everyday activities like school and work but for recreation and escape, they use a computer program called 'Smarteye' which is physically attached to individual by their eye socket, and goes into their brain, and can recreate life as it was on the surface before the 'disaster' 300 years ago. And we met the curious, endearing and brave Aria, born and raised in Reverie. She and some friends sneak out and visit another currently non-functional pod, and that how our adventure begins.

A world of never under a never sky.

Aria is really young, but also strong and brave young woman. I have to tell you that she really thinks at first that she has been expelled from Reverie because of a misunderstanding. She has always lived a a sheltered life, and now on the outside she quickly has to go from sheltered to survivor.

The strangest part of the entire book/world is was the Aether , which apparently is what they call the atmosphere. There are these terrible storms in which lightening plays a huge role. It kills and destroys homes, land, game and most importantly lives. The world on the outside is a constant battle with the Aether and it is the setting in which the male lead has come from. Perry is the younger brother of the Blood Lord (leader) of the Tides people, who I can describe as fishers, farmers and hunters. Perry's family is dying because of the lack of food, he recently lost his sister-in-law, and now his nephew is dying. Perry knows this because he is a Scire which means he has a super sense of smell, so super he can smell death on his nephew. He can even smell emotions. Perry is really really special because he is bless (or cursed) with a second power of super sight. Perry is just such a caring, kind, bold, innovative and altogether awesome character. Though some of his choices in life, are rash, he has a high level of responsibility, and he will do whatever is necessary to right a wrong. Perry has a several moments of vulnerability, and insecurities throughout the book. But I think it made me like him even more. The supporting player in this book stole my hearts as well. Starting with Roar (an Aud - super hearing) from the Tides, who met up with Perry on his back to the tribe, but then he Perry to complete his assigned tasks. Roar and Perry have a much more brotherly relationship than Perry has with his actual brother. Roar is a major source of support for Perry, and later on Aria. Cinder is the character we know the least about, but I think he is most intriguing of all. His bond with Perry is real special to this story. He is just so sweet yet so volatile.

I highly recommend this book, for those who like urban fantasy or paranormal. These characters are unforgettable, and the entire book reads really well.