Thoughtless  - S.C. Stephens I don't know where to begin with this book. I knew I would have to go into this with an open mind, and believe me I really tried my best to be open-minded about this one. But I couldn't connect to the characters, while I love the slut rock star as much as the next girl, I also feel that it is important to make him be a bit more holistic, and true to his nature. But I found even when Kellan was being a super slut, he was still pining for Keira.

And Kiera, this girl gives new meaning to the term slut. I don't think that I ever liked her, but I got why the affair happened in the first place, and why it continued to happen. What I don't get is how she could be so cold, and jealous, and just an absolute bitch all the time. The worst part? She was pretty damn judgmental for a girl who was sleeping with her boyfriend's best friend and roommate. It drove me crazy.

My other problem with this book, why the hell it is have to be so long? It was insanely long, and nothing was occurring that helped or hurt the story. Her describing what every member of the band looked like on stage, every time they performed what just simply unnecessary. I thought that the author tried to drag out the drama too much, it got boring, and frustrating, and I have to be honest, I think if this book wasn't a buddy read, I would not finish it. While the affair in the beginning was fun, and scandalous, after Kellan broke down crying for the THIRD time, I was like just get over it already, and that never seemed to happen for either of them. Even in the end there was added drama that I thought actually took away from the story.

So this boils down to would I recommend this book, and the honest truth unless you watch soap operas on a daily basis, and think that seeing the same people do the same shit over and over is entertaining, then go for it Kellan, Kiera and Denny are for you. But if you like plot, and action, and something interesting to happen every couple of pages, then don't bother.