Raid - Kristen Ashley So, I have to say that many of my GR friends gave this book a below average (especially for KA) rating, and I think I understand why. Let me start however by saying this book has 5+ Stars in:
Characters (the leads were just amazing)
Setup (this book has a good build, it has good momentum for the story)
KAness it has all the classic elements for a great KA romance in the making
No unnecessary mix ups, or miscommunications or angst

But unfortunately it had 1 star in something that is essential to be giving a book more than 3 stars, and that's, plot and character development. Especially in this series which is something that not the typical KA prince-charming-on-a-white-horse story line. This series focuses on the less than perfect guy, becoming less than perfect heroes, and I have to say that Raiden Miller is just that, a less than perfect guy, who absolutely has the potential to become the less than perfect hero. But while I love him, and I understand completely, why KA had to drop everything to write this book, I feel like she should've held off until she could've developed this story more. Because this was a much less than perfect story.

That said, let's talk about these two lovebirds in this story. I have to say that there was something very special about Raiden Miller. He was just so caring, and observant, and loving. He clearly knew what he wanted and went for it, and while he did showcase all the classic KA alpha male characteristics, he had some that were completely his own, he was so observant, and attentive about everything that Hannah was feeling and even thinking, he never missed a beat. And I loved that about him. He was also clearly very grateful that she was willing to carry some of his burden (I would also be just as willing, just saying) with him. I really loved Raid, I loved that he made a mistake, and then never repeated the mistake again. I also loved that he was able to be so upfront with her, the trust between them was refreshing.

Hanna is quirky and very cutesy and I guess I see a lot of myself in her, so no she didn't annoy me at all. I liked that she has a pink bike with streamers on it. I loved that she gave Raid her trust, and never, never took it back. I loved that she was working so hard to help him to get through some of his major issues. I loved that she loved him so much, and that she was willing and ready to listen, and that she accepted him for who he was without trying to change him, and then getting frustrated when he didn't. I wish we got more of her really working with him step by step, talking to him about what happened to his troop, and encouraging him to get help.

So I did I this book, but I just wish it had more! And this is not one of my complaints about just wanting to spend some more time with the characters, this about me wanting to know the characters better, and just understand the story better. So while I think this had the potential to live up to the other books in the series, it just fell short for me.