Entice  - Ella Frank Ok I'm torn about how to rate this book, I thought that for the most part it was an okay read, but there were some pars in there that felt, like fillers, nothing was really happening. There was even one entire chapter that was dedicated to setting up the next book. For the the first 30-35% of the book, I felt that the story was very frustrating, two people who liked each other, but had been burned by others who reminded them of the person that they were now overly attracted to. I felt that there were so many stories thrown into the mix, but few of them were resolved in a satisfying manner. That said there were also parts of this book, I really liked, I liked that we got to see Josh with other people, his brother, and other friends, this was something that I thought the first book lacked. I felt like Mason basically only hung out with his sister, Mom and Wendy, it was good to see Josh interact with other people. I also liked the change of pace to Georgia, and the southern accents (yes I liked that). I also liked that the characters were both very outspoken, and usually said what was on their minds (at least for the first half of the book, it got angsty a a little bit later).

So Shelley who I really liked in the first book, because she was straight-shooting, outspoken, funny and loyal to a fault. I loved the way she stood by Lena and supported her decisions, even when she didn't agree with them. However, in this book, I felt that Shelley can only be described as a snob, who though what were wore and the industry you worked in defined who you are as a person. She was always so condescending towards Josh just because he worked in the construction business, but she loved the way he looked, and acted. I guess her daddy issues were a major plot point, but I didn't like that she for the most part was nothing more than a spoilt, self-centered, horny only-child. I will say however, that her self-centered attitude did help her because whatever Shelley wants, Shelley gets, even when it seems like she doesn't deserve it and should not get it, but she never stopped pursing Josh once she got her head out of her ass.

Now Josh was the saving grace of the first half of the book, and the frustrating angsty plot point of the second half. But I liked him a lot. I loved that Josh was so attuned to Shelley's attitude. He knew that she wasn't happy, and when she blatantly told him that she wanted him in a not to nice capacity, he dove in head first. Now, I thought that the author could've played up his apprehension to the relationship more, especially being that he just got out of another relationship that was pretty serious. But I really enjoyed him, even when he was being difficult. I liked that he never groveled for Shelley, and told her off when it was necessary. He was also a straight-shooter, and he let her know how he felt about her actions upfront which I liked a lot.

So should you give this book a try? I think so, I think it was a good read, the book was between 3 and 4 stars for me, I think a little more character development with the supporting cast could've helped to make the book easier. I wish Shelley and her parents got to interact more, because it really was a big part of the plot, that I think got forgotten in the end. but if you liked Exquisite, I think giving Entice a chance will not hurt.