Double Cross

Double Cross - Carolyn Crane I wish I could give this book 2 ratings one for the first half (a very generous 2 stars) and one of a second half (a conservative 4 stars) because I felt like the book wasn't either. So we again meet Justine, who spends most of the book on a judgmental high horse. Just continually being super mean and ungrateful, and rude to Packard. I did like that he finally told her off, because I thought the whole guilt trip she was trying to put him on was getting old and boring.

You love your grudge against Packard too much. You are afraid to lose control..."

Packard had a really hard time in this book, but I think the fact that even with all the shit we taking from all sides, he was still working hard to protect those who mattered the most to him. Such a feat is both admirable and arousing.

"You love to remind me that I'm a villan Justine, but when I do something villanious, you act outraged

The characters who we knew from the first book were still around, but I thought their personalities were all watered down, to the point that they were boring, and unrecognizable. I had a hard time to connecting to them, the way I did in [b:Mind Games|6890220|Mind Games (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #1)|Carolyn Crane||7110760]. The only character who I thought was even similar in both books was Simon, and then he had moments when I couldn't really recognize him.

The plot was interesting, once the story started to pick up this book went from snooze to super page turner really quick. I thought the book was clever, I just wish that the characters I loved in the first installment, would've been the same this time around. I will say that I loved the twist at the very end, I didn't see it coming that was for sure.

I think that anyone who read the first one, and liked it, will definitely enjoy this next
installment. But I will warn you, that there is a major cliffhanger in this one, so clear your calendars cause you're gonna want to start [b:Head Rush|10165210|Head Rush (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #3)|Carolyn Crane||15063921] almost immediately after.