Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One)

Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One) - Nina Lane I am so surprised that more people haven't read and raved about this book, because it was fantastic! Nina Lane has mastered the art of being able to combine erotic and real substantial story. Within the pages of Arouse are two characters who were so life-like, that I had to tell myself numerous times that there were fiction, just so I could stop myself from bawling like a baby. But the is one of the those stories that seems to typical but by the second or third chapter you realize that with these two nothing is quite what it seems. I think that by ending the half way mark, I'd come to realize that a happy ending was not within reach, but I will say that by the end, I was satisfied with the progress that Dean and Olivia had made, as a couple. One thing this book was not lacking was chemistry between its leads, as well as real, genuine, earth shattering and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that can be found on every single page of this book.

Olivia is not the typical annoying, air headed, stupid-decision-making lead that has been popping up more often in these books. Instead she seems really, really normal. And for me that might've been why she and Dean were struggling. Olivia has spent the first three years of their marriage being a supportive wife to her overachieving-never-satisfied husband. Wherever Dean's career took him she followed without regret or a second thought. Losing her job at the local art gallery becomes the catalyst that sparks the explosion that nearly destroys them. I think Olivia had a job that made her happy, and was doing more things that she enjoyed, and not just playing "filler", both parties would've reacted different to the incident that occurs early in the book. I think Olivia relies very heavily on Dean for emotional support, and when she can't she closes herself off so easily, and for a long time she had no one else to turn to, and when she was no longer using him for that reason, I think it was when Dean finally realized that Olivia didn't need to rely only on him. In Olivia I see a woman who has always been invisible especially because of her past, but when she and Dean meet and get together she realizes that at least to him, she not invisible. I think that's why when he brushes her off, and gets more busy with work, she begins to close up and the moment she is noticed by others she begins to cling to them, especially her new (female) boss. But that was the problem wasn't it? That she needed to be more independent and involved?

Now don't get me wrong Dean is a wonderful husband, he is kind and caring and appreciative of all the support that Olivia has given him. He love her very much and he loves the small things that others saw as flaws, like the fact that she doesn't cook, or that she really loves her small position working at the the book store. I think I also liked that he is cool with her not being interested in his research. Dean also knows when he's messed up, I think he struggles with insecurities of his own. As much as he loves her, I think passed relationships for both of them have made the afraid, he is desperate to be perfect at everything. And when he cannot be, he sees himself as a failure, and he doesn't want Olivia to know that side of him. I think is why even after three years of marriage he still has secrets. And that the secrets that he has do indeed have the potential to kill him or at least make them suffer greatly. Please don't get me wrong, he is by no means perfect. But I was gonna complain about some of his actions that I didn't like, and I realized those are some of the things that made him even more realistic. He was reacting how any man would react, and its actually really rare to find that in books these days, I guess its because more people want a happy ending than a true ending.

So this story was not perfect, but what story is perfect? None and for that reason I really loved it and I look forward with high anticipation for the next book.