Losing Hope

Losing Hope - Colleen Hoover ARC provided by Atria Books via Netgalley

Colleen Hoover, you did it right with this book. And maybe thats because you love Dean Holder as much as I do, or maybe I’m blinded by my love for him. But damn. This book was every bit as good as Hopeless. I loved every heart wrenching moment I got to spend with the amazing Dean Holder. He is even more amazing in his own head. I have to say that Ms. hoover is the absolute queen, of making me cry, and making me want to continue crying.

This book was so well crafted. It was so well done, the way that Holder grieved for Les, which we never knew in the first book, it was so tragic, but still so uplifting. It was clear that when it first happened he wasn’t ready to let go, but as the book progressed, it became less about grieving and more about coping.

I loved the addition of Daniel to the story. He is Holder’s best friend, and just the best guy ever! He is so funny, and I love that he never left Holder’s side, and he always supported him. He was also hilarious, every time Daniel and Holder were in a scene it was just the best ever.

I also really liked getting to know Brekin from Holder’s point of view. It was so sweet to see them be friends, and to see how much Holder was still a part of Sky’s life even if he wasn’t near her.

I don’t want to say too much. Just go read the damn book. I loved it and I can pretty much guarantee that you will love it as well.