Maverick - Lora Leigh Dead men don’t talk, dead men don’t dream.

So the second installment in the Elite Ops series. And I have to make a few general comments about the book. Firstly, I love these boys, I think Lora leigh does an excellent job of making an action and romance book, and not skimping us on either of the aspects. That said, I think she made Noah and Micah as different as two men on the same team can be. They may want to accomplish the same goals, but it was clear that there was more than just that going on for either of them. It was great to see Noah and see how he's doing, and get to be with the rest of the team. All of whom are so amazing. But Micah and Noah have this special bond which was evident from the last book.

Dead men don’t love. Dead men don’t have families.

Micah Slone is a man who know that t there is no going back. There is no way we can be who he was before he joined the Elite Ops, because his other persona was shot in the head, and fell into the ocean, who the hell can live through that? Apart from this there is the fact that he has no family left. Perhaps even before that faithful night Micah was already a dead man. He is silent, and serious, and determined, and I think that was some of the things I loved the most about him. The fact that he is such a closed book, really bothered me at first, but I get why he is the way he is. I want to say that Micah isn’t like Noah, he hasn’t lost the love of his life, Micah has never known what love for a woman was to begin with. And that in itself is a unique and lonely position to be in.

Dead didn’t have memories. And dead men definitely weren’t able to have a weakness. Micah had a weakness. A small beautiful passionate weakness that he feared could become the destruction of his soul.

Risa Clay knows about pain, and suffering, and a hard life in general;. Even though she comes from a wealthy family, and lives in a penthouse, she has had to endure several hard times, and this has made her into someone who is quite independent, and lonely very very lonely. I think that Risa brought out the best in Micah. With her he is very protective, and he will clearly go above the call of duty, even before they were intimately involved. But then she also brings out this smooth-talking, seductive, hotness to Micah as well. And I love that side of him. He is so sweet and charming, and he never pushes her unless he knows she can do more. Their relationship was just so great. I love how strong Risa is, she was strong and determined, and she knew what she wanted in life, and she was determined to do her best to get it.

Overall I thought this was an excellent follow-up to Wild Card, and I loved that we got to know Micah so well, but also got to spend some time with the other members of the crew as well. I am very interested in learning more about these men, and their lives.