Forever Black

Forever Black - Sandi Lynn We are a disaster together...

So this was supposed to be a weekend read, but instead it turned into an afternoon read, I couldn't tear myself away. This story had everything emotional turmoil, death, disease, the very popular billionaire, the starving artist, heart break, and an HEA. I have to say that between Ellery and Conner, I couldn't figure out who had more baggage, and every time I thought they were gonna get some happy time together, it would get ruined, they'd have a HUGE fight, and then they would be broken up for a while :(. But I have to say I just couldn't give up on them, I just kept wishing that they would somehow get back together.

"Because at some point you have to realize that some people can stay in heart, but not in your life, and this is my way of keeping you in my heart."

So Ellery has lived a tragic life, lost her mom to cancer at 6, had to raise herself, and care for her grief-stricken alcoholic father, got diagnosed with cancer herself at 16, barely survived a suicide attempt, and then found her father dead in his room after he suffocated on his own vomit, and all before the age of 18! So when we meet Ellery, she is 23 and getting dumped by her douchebag bf of 4 years, cause he needed space. Ellery is not in a good place.

"I was not the most pathetic person in the world, begging my douchebag boyfriend to stay not because I thought I was in love with him, but because I was afraid of being alone, and being alone was something that was all too familiar to me."

But I have to admit she hides it very well, and I think its because she's in such a bad place that she agrees to be "just friends" with billionaire playboy Conner Black. She is very caring though, and she always wants to help out those in need, and that is one trait that I loved about her. But like so many other heroines out there she's also a runner, in that every time things get the least bit hard, she wants to get out of Dodge ASAP. I think that I liked her cause as hard as it was she knew when and why to make the hard decisions, but I hated that she was so afraid to fight (at least at first) for what she wanted.

"Infinity is forever, and that is what you to me, you are my forever Mr. Black."

..."doesn't matter what they think about our relationship, I love you all that you are, nothing less, and for the record I think you're a beautiful disaster."

Conner was so sweet, and much like Ellery he was very good at hiding who he really was from the people around him. Even those closest to him seemed to be kept at a distance because he was private. But Conner has had his own share of tragedy, and as result has turned himself into an untouchable. But things really change when he realizes that there can be more in life, that he can experience new things, and be friends with a woman. Once he really starts to care for Ellery, it becomes clear that he has some changes to make before he can really be with her. He also has quite a temper, and he sometimes reacted very strongly, but they can't all be perfect can they?

I think there were some unique attributes about this book that really made it more enjoyable for me. The way they at first referred to each other as Mr. Black and Ms. Lane, for a few chapters, I thought it was cute. The way Conner stalked Ellery was also so cute, cause he just didn't care what she thought about it. Ellery's very honest and candid relationship with her BFF Peyton, who I thought was just the best.

"You will beat this Ellery Lane or I will your ass, do you understand me?" U hugged her and smiled. "Yes Peyton, I will beat this because you scare me."

Denny, Conner's driver and Ellery also had a really sweet relationship though I thought she would've called him when she was getting that first round of chemo and I liked that she had such a vast network of people who loved and supported her, even though she didn't always know and/or appreciate it.

So this is book came highly recommended to me, and I get why. It was just so good, I couldn't believe how fast I consumed it! For a first novel, it was really great! And I can't wait for more from Ms. Sandi Lynn.