Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward As an avid fan of the tortured hero, I knew that I would love Zsadist from the get go, the quite, mean, sarcastic, blunt dude brooding the corner always catches my interest. So this is the first book that was a continuation of the last, in the last book, we know that Bella was taken from her home, and the Brotherhood was out to find her. This book picks up 6 weeks later, and Bella still has not been caught. I have to say again, that I really don't like the lesser society part, though this time it didn't bother as much as with the first two books.

Bella is just such a kickass heroine, as much as I liked Beth and Mary, Bella was different, maybe it's because her story was a little bit more complicated than the other two, in that she was born and raised in the vampire life, and so she wasn't learning, she was living the vamp life. I think what happened to her while she was held captive by the lessers really allowed her the opportunity to reach out to Z, and boy did she have to keep reaching. I think it was really funny that she would not back down or give up on trying to make her see that he was more than worthy of her. I really liiked how once they were able to work it out, she was so patient and gentle, and attentive about what Zsadist needed. I really loved how much she loved him, inspite of him constantly pushing her, she decided that she wanted him, and would do anything to get him to love her back.

Zsadist is as his named describes he is perpetually looking on the dark side. And believe me by the end of this book my heart was weeping for him every couple of pages. He is so messed up, I have to say that I agree with Phury when he said that Z isn't broken he is ruined. And I think that the fact that Zsadist is aware of how ruined he is, makes everything worse, he doesn't think that anyone will ever be able to love him as a ruined soul. The torture he had to endure was so cruel, and terrible, that he had so many issues that his mind is effed up really badly, and I am so glad that at least he got a vamp female like Bella, who understood all too well what it was like to have the life that you were born into ripped from you. When Z finally comes around, the vampire that he becomes is just so amazing, that I think it's hard to remember who he was before. There are of course some moments in this storry where I really thought that it was not going to happen, that these two would never be able to have a real HEA, but JR Ward did not disappoint.

So as with the other book, this one had a series of simultaneous storylines going on, I have to say and that one I did not like, one I hope we get more of and, Phury is so sweet and broken like his brother, I can't wait for him to have his HEA. I don't want to give too much away, but I love the John Matthew storyline, and I think once he goes through his transition, he is gonna be a kick ass warrior, I also have another prediction about him, but I don't want to ruin the book for anyone.

So I am really enjoying this series, I'm trying to space out the books, and not rush through all in a week, like I have done with series in the past.