True Love Story

True Love Story - Willow Aster Where have all the good books gone?

So I wanted to say something but I didn't know how to structure this review so it wasn't me ranting, so I made a Pros and Cons list:


1. Ian was so freaking hott! His flirtatiousness was incredible, I loved the way he could manipulate the situation to suit him.

2. Well I have a natural weakness for musicians so Ian gets even hotter just for being one.

3. Tessa is hilarious, and I think she should win an awards for best book BFF ever!

4. Little Bird is one of the cutest, sweetest, just plain awesome nicknames for someone named Sparrow.


1. Sparrow complained way too much to me and not enough to Ian.

2. The sitation with Asher - she needed to take some of blame (too pissed to comment further)

3. The story was very badly paced, it went from really slow to really fast, then to uber slow, to march 10 at the the end, I got motion sickness.

4. Sparrow's parents were unrealistic for a pastor and his wife.

5. The drastic changes in character for Sparrow it was too much for such a short space of time. Christian virgin ---> sex goddess with Ian ---> complete slut after the breakup...really?

6. The groveling was a bit much. I mean I get that Ian was really really really really really really sorry, but his persistence made the book slow down way too much.

7. All any guy Sparrow met talked about was how beautiful she was. WE GET IT EVERYONE IN THIS BOOK IS BEYOND WORDS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! But it makes the rest of us feel like trolls. lol

I don't want to be unfair to this book, so I'm gonna say, this isn't my type of book, I need more plot less unfounded drama.

That is all.