Embracing the Wolf

Embracing the Wolf - Stephanie  Nelson The Good :

Adam : Still so effing hot. I love the overprotective wolf. But I also love that he loves and cherishes Anna so far beyond what custom or tradition dictates. We learn so much about why Adam was with Eve, and why it is so hard for him to take Anna as his mate. But he does so, and people having different opinions because of who Anna is.

Adam’s Parents : They were absolutely ridiculous, rude and mean, and worthless, but I think that they were really well done. They were the absolute snobs you would think royal blood would be. And for that they get to be in the Good section of this book. I think that them defending Anthony, and just blatantly constantly disrespecting Anna was so necessary for the story development.

Anthony : Ok, I know we all hated him in the first book. But there was an air of mystery that continues to shroud Anthony. I think its so interesting the way in which his story has been unfolding. Anthony has so many shades to him, and I haven’t been able to peg him as good or bad or inbetween.

Anna’s Gift : I think it was so cool that Anna can see the future and/or passed. And I think it added to the story so much. We got to see how she used her powers, and we can start to see the way she should use her powers in the future.

The Vamps : I like that there was the addition of a new element of the supernatural added. Though they weren’t in the story for long, I think there is so much potential for the story development with the vamps.

The Bad

The lack of a tournament in the conference : I know there was a bunch of stuff going on in this book, but to be perfectly honest, I wish that I would’ve been able to at least see some of the games in the tournament there was so much talk about it, but we never got to discuss even one thing about conference. Sad, but true.

Chloe and Caddie : Sucked balls, and I didn’t even get to see them get their asses kicked? I was kinda pissed at that. Chloe was such a bitch! And so blatantly rude and condescending towards Anna, I wanted to slap her for the entire book.

Adam’s Parents : Yes they are mentioned in both good and bad. Because they were terrible, and at times just plain blind. Though I hope we get to see more of them in the future as Anna’s role in the werewolf world continues to evolve, I want to see their reactions and faces to her new found position in their the world.

The Ugly

The bitch Anna becomes at the end : WTF Ms. Nelson? What did you do to my awesome Anna? She became and utter stupid condescending, self-righteous bitch by the end of the book. I hated her, and the way she treats Adam, I hope that will change in the next book because it pissed me the hell off.