Covet - Tracey Garvis Graves Covet is a magnificent book. It is a moving, emotion-driven story about what can happen to normal people under what is sadly becoming normal circumstances. But at its very core, I believe that Covet is a book about love. And how the lack of showing love for each other can have some terrible consequences. I think that Ms. Garvis-Graves has another masterpiece on her hands. She has crafted the kind of characters that are all heroes and all villains, and it really does push your ethical and moral boundaries, but in the end, I think it tells such a realistic story, there are no fantasy endings, its just so honest, and real and raw, and I loved that about this book.

There were some really unique attributes to this book. But I think the one thing that really stood out for me was the fact that there were three points-of view. I think that aspect really set this books apart from others with a similar theme. The multiple POVs ensured that there was no villain and no hero. This is a story about how things can go wrong in marriage, and how much work it can take to make it all got right. I think knowing what all the different characters were thinking all the time, really helped me to understand why they were making the decisions that they were. It made this book feel more well rounded, because you knew what everyone was thinking and feeling, and I think thats one of the reasons this book is so unique.

My buddy who I was reading with (yes Angie you!) said that I had to read carefully, because the emotions were more important than that dialogue and I totally agree with that evaluation. The truth is that the characters were hardly ever upfront about what they were feeling. And I think that is true about most people, we are afraid that by being honest, we will hurt the other person, when in fact if we are honest, it will make the relationship so much easier. I think TGG is very good at pointing out these universal character defects in most of us. But the emotions, the inner dialogue is so amazing in this book. I felt for each character. i understood where they were coming from, and where they wanted to go.

Funny moments: the masseuse, i’m worried santa won't bring me presents

Supporting cast: I think the supporting characters were so well put together in this book. And the plot really supported the way the reader and Claire got to know the truth about the relationships of her neighbours. I loved Elise and I loved how honest she was about all the things that she and her husband went through. She really was such a great friend to Claire. Then there was Julia and Justin, who on the surface seemed to have it all, but we quickly found out that there is more to it than what meets the eye. Sam and Bridget, I thought had the most visible issues, and even they put on a front a lot of the times. But I really liked how everything worked out, and how we got to learn about the secrets behind those doors.

Daniel: So if Daniel was a police officer here, I’m sure he’d not be giving out very many tickets lol. He is super hot, and for most of the book I kept wondering why the hell he was single. But I liked him alot. I thought he was just such a great guy. He was so caring, and kind, and compassionate, he really cared about what went on in Claire’s life on an everyday basis. I think he needed someone like Claire, to know that he could be in a relationship again. That he didn’t need to be hooking up all the time. That he could love someone, and they could love him back. It sucks that he had to fall for Claire, but I think part of his attraction to Claire had to do with the fact that she reminded him of his ex. Overall though, I feel in love with Daniel just like Claire did. And I saw that there was real chemistry between them.

Chris: Chris was a great father. I want to say that first because truth be known thats one of the best things about him. He was a provider, in his mind in order to be happy, he had to be providing every want and need for his family. And that is what made Chris a broken man when we first meet him in the book. He is very broken. And he can’t seem to be able to put himself together. I think even more than Claire, Chris was one who we knew had good intentions, but did not know how to go about showing his love for his wife in a tangible manner. But he loves her, as much as he loves his kids, I think that Chris just wanted things to go back to how they were before. And he was so focused on that, he couldn’t see how much more damage he was causing.

Claire: This is a woman I admire. I think Claire was so strong in all that went down. She was resilient and adaptable, and she let nothing get her down. I think that is what Daniel and Chris saw in her. She was this person who could walk through fire, get burnt, and was willing to do it all over again the next day. She was a good wife, and she tried to be there for Chris in his time of need, but I think I wish she’d pushed him more to talk about what was going on with him. Instead she left things, and then when things got really bad only then did she speak up. I think she should’ve tried harder to keep the lines of communication open between the two of them. There is no doubt that she loved Chris, but I think Daniel was more open with her, and that attracted her to him. I have to say I don’t envy her position, but thought Claire was not always honest with others, she was very honest with herself. And her inner dialogue really helped me understand why she made some of her decisions.

Another 5 stars for TGG. I don’t think I’ve read a book about cheating like this before, it takes such skill to be able to tell a story this well. I can’t wait to see what topic she tackles next!