This Girl

This Girl - Colleen Hoover This couple....

This couple

This couple.

So first things first, I have to say that Ms. Hoover knows how to tell a story from a different angle. This book never felt boring or like the same damn book as Slammed. I felt the entire time, that we were really seeing the other side of the coin, and that all of what we thought we understood about Will was completely not correct (Well maybe not all cause he was pretty freaking awesome in Slammed). I loved this story. I even liked the way it was framed by their honeymoon. I loved that their HEA was not perfect, but it was perfectly them.

Caulder and Kel play a much bigger role in this story. And I have to say that I liked that, they are such a big part of both Layken and Will's life, but because Lake was not Kel's guardian, their relationship was less dependent. But its clear that not only does Caulder depend on Will, but also Will depends on Caulder.

Seeing Will struggle as much as he did with his attraction for Lake was just the icing on the cake that is the awesomeness of Will Cooper. He clearly was a boy who was forced to become a man, but he was more than wonderful and willing to be just that for his little brother. I also loved the relationship between Julia and Will, it was something that we didn't know about Slammed, and it was only hinted at in Point of Retreat. But I have to say that their relationship made this entire story a little easier to bare than Slammed. I think that Julia had someone to trust and help her with the kids was so beautiful.

Layken and Will are in a great place, but even being in great places, there are those moments when they too needed reassurance in their decisions, and I have to say that was refreshing. It was good to know that everything would not always be perfect for them, but that they could get through anything together.

I have to say that reading this book was bittersweet for me. I've waited so long for it, and yet I read it in less than 24 hours, because I wanted it that much. Ms. Hoover did not disappoint, and I'm happy to know that Will and Lake will live Happily Ever After. Because they both deserve it.