Rush  - Maya Banks Wow!

So I've just been hearing so much about this book, and now I finally understand, it was awesome. I have to say I think I'm officially a Maya Bank fan now! So this story had everything, and even thought I tried to stop reading, I honestly just could not, I was more than ready to forsake everything (include the stack of work on my desk) to keep going. Most importantly this book was ADULT! AND STEAMY AS EVER! OMG for a few chapters in there they were going at it in every single chapter!

So the blurb is pretty straight forward about the relationship between these two. He is her older brother (and only living immediate relative)'s best friend, and he's 14 years her senior. Now while those two things are a lot to deal with in the story, there was so much more than just those two facts. But Mia Crestwell, is just so awesome. She is not annoying at all. She is so fierce, and she knows what she wants and that's Gabe. Any way she can get him. And so she signs on the dotted line to be his next conquest, but she's been in love with him more 8 years now, but she comes to realize that she never really knew Gabe.

"Her emotions were a mixture of holy fuck and oh my God. Part of her wanted to find out just how debauched Gabe was. Judging by this contract, he leaned pretty far away from anything resembling conventional"

So yes Gabe does make Mia sign a contract, now this isn't a FSoG type 14 pages contract, its more to protect Gabe from any major legal ramifications, cause Gabe is kinky, really really kinky and he wants to make sure that she is aware, and that she doesn't try to share that fact with anyone else for a price. Gabe had been burnt by a similar situation in the past, and so now he was exptremely careful, maybe even too a fault.

“That’s awfully presumptuous of you, Gabe. Not to mention arrogant and assholish. You’ve been clear in your expectations of our arrangement. I’m not an idiot. Do you assume every woman you meet falls head over heels in love with you and can’t live without you?”

And it was lines like those that made me love Mia. She may've signed over a contract that said she belonged to Gabe, but she never said that hey thoughts, feelings and beliefs belonged to him as well. I think the author really thought threw the entire relationship between these two, they aren't strangers they have known each other for most of Mia's life, and so even though a Dom/sub relationship was developing Mia was able to speak her mind because she still saw Gabe as the guy she'd been crushing on his she was 16, and at the same time there were moments where Gabe saw her as the little girl he'd watched Jace raise for all those years.

“You look nervous,” Gabe said, breaking into her thoughts. “I won’t bite, Mia. Not yet anyway.”

"Evidently Gabe had no intention of easing into this relationship. But then that wasn’t him. He went full-out at everything. It was his style and what had made him so successful in business. He went after what he wanted with single-minded determination. And now she was the thing he wanted."

Gabe is as alpha and dominant as the come, almost to the point where I felt like he didn't care for Mia the way he should've at times. But Ms. Banks does a great job of letting us inside the minds of the characters, as a means of explaining why they do the things that they do. I have to say I really liked Gabe even when he had a major messed up moment, I think he was battling with the intense feelings he had for this forbidden fruit, and he really wanted to keep the relationship as causal as possible, but he failed horribly every single time. He really cared for Mia first as the little sister of his oldest friend, and then as a woman that could so easily ignite his fire.

I have to say that the relationships between the lead characters and the secondary ones was also really entertaining. Mia's roomate and best fried Caroline was a hoot. She clearly had Mia's best interest at hand all of the time, and she really wanted what was best for her. “Text me and let me know you’re still alive or I’ll assume he’s killed you and I’ll start looking for the body, . Then there was Jace, Mia's overprotective older brother and Ash; Jace and Gabe's best friend and business partner. I loved how Gabe, Jace and Ash knew everything about each other. It was clear that they had been friends for a really long time, and it had even grown into family for them.

So I highly recommend this book. It was well done, well paced, and very very steamy. I can't wait to read the next two books in the series.

Special thanks to Steph for choosing this one it was a great read (though most reads with you are lol)