A Moment

A Moment  - Marie Hall "The dictionary defines a moment as a minute portion or point of time. But for me, it’s more. I see a moment the way a scientist does… the product of quantity (as a force) and the distance to a particular axis or point. A moment is that indefinable period in your life that only makes sense when you look back and you realize I made the right choice. I didn’t know it then, but I made the right choice and I’d do it all over. “

Wow, this was a story that moved me at my core. I think Marie Hall has just taken a stepping stone into a fantastic career. There are books that you love because they make you laugh out loud, those that make you blush until you're beet red, and those that move you to want to be a better person. A Moment was in the last category. I can't even think of a moment when I felt like it could stop reading, this book consumed me! if that's possible. The characters were so fresh and new, and just so different from so many of the books that have been coming out lately.

"I’m not obsessed with him.
Or maybe I am, but I don’t really think that’s it either. Ryan and I had had a convergence; we met in a place and time that would forever leave an indelible mark in the road map of my life."

Lili has not had an easy life, she was 14 when she discovered that she was pregnant, and everything seems to go downhill from there. The father was never in the picture, and so she was basically a single parent. On top of that her own father so disappointed in her walked out on the family after 3 years. Leaving Lili to care for her sick mother, and recently diagnosed autistic 7 year old. But I think just the fact that having a baby never slowed Lili down is so remarkable, she is on track to graduate college on time. She is a wonderful mother, a great daughter, and an all around good person, which is prolly why she catches the attention of Alex, who is a barista at her favorite coffee place. Asks her to join him and his roommate/cousin, for a Valentine’s dinner drunk fest, and she (after much urging from her mom) decides to join. And it is at that table that she meets Ryan (the cousin), and from the there the journey takes us to so many different places.

"Still, I can’t help feeling a little frazzled when I’d laid eyes on Alex’s cousin.
Not, like “oh he’s kinda cute”. But hot as in H.O.T. I want to strip off my clothes, and yours, lay you out and do things to you I haven’t done to anyone in years."

Both good and bad, but still some very well written places. I have to say that the characters were so very relatable, and the way that they came together, in that it was instantaneous but long and trying process made the book so much more real for me.

“Liliana will save me.
She has to.
Because there’s no other choice for me.
My soul is black my heart shriveled, anything good in me is her.
That is it.
And if she doesn’t save me, no one else can. “

Ryan is broken, and I have to say I can see why, we meet him in a really bad place, and based on the story that we learn, he doesn’t have a lot of options, but still there are moments when he is the best of everything. Ryan is such a bag of random objects; he loves reading classical books, is a professional fighter, likes old music, plays sports, loved being in the military, and enjoys tea way more than coffee. The best boyfriend, and surrogate father to Javier. I want to say that I like how the author spoke about how hard it was for Lili to date because of her son, and how she struggled to find people who were willing to be in such relationships with her. I also loved that Ryan valued Lili’s relationship with her son so much, and how (though he didn’t know it) he always wanted to include the little boy in almost all their activities. He was just one of those really good guys with a really horrible secret.

I have to applaud Ms. Hall for being brave enough to tackle the issues that she did in this book, and for going so deep into the situation, it was clear that, while such social issues are hard to deal with, they are often brushed aside or just casually mentioned in literature. But this book was raw, and real, and I think that as a result it really did leave a lasting impression on me. Ryan was really having a hard time, and I loved that everything wasn’t all better. And that his struggles were genuine. I also loved the relationship he had with his cousin Alex. I think that Alex was having a harder time than Ryan, but he hid it better, and I loved that he stood by Ryan when no one else would, and the patience that he had when Ryan messed up. I think that he really was the voice of reason. There were some serious genuine life lessons to be learned in these pages, and I hope that people give this book a chance, because I think you’ll walk away better than when you first started.

I highly recommend this book, it was so well put together. The storyline was so much more than fluff and the common storylines of romance novels. This is one that really broke the mold for me.