Lana - R.K. Lilley I don't know when R.K. Lilley wrote this one, but the last two books have just been AMAZING ! I think that she really knows how to write a steamy but still emotion-filled story, and these two were no exception.

Liking Lana is very easy from the moment she stepped on the scene in [b:In Flight|16134782|In Flight (Up In The Air, #1)|R.K. Lilley||21962320], I have thought that her story was so sweet and tragic, falling in love with an older friend, giving him her virginity, and then having her heart broken into a bazillion pieces the next day. She was so scared to return for fear that he would do it again. She stayed away from her childhood home for 8 years. But she finally returns on business, and moment she sees him she becomes love struck again, but this time, his response is so different, it throws her for a serious curve ball. She loves him so much she can't imagine life with anyone else, and hasn't had anyone else in the 8 years they have been apart, but now, she wants to guard her heart against him, but its clear this is not going to be easy.

Akira, has loved Lana for so long, he can't remember his life without her. He knows that he was the reason that she left, and never looked back, he knows he hurt her, and all he wants is to fix it. But it's very hard to fix a relationship that you don't think you're worthy of in the first place.

This was a novella, but it felt just right we knew the story from the other series, and it was nice to just get to see them be in love and just be together. It was clear they were both fighting it at first but once they start having sex, all the hesitation just melted away. They were super hot between the sheets, and they were also both very very afraid to let each other go. I am so happy for the two of them. Their HEA was just perfect.