The Tied Man

The Tied Man - Tabitha McGowan 5 heart-wrenching earth shattering stars!

Theme Song: Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato

This book pushed so many of my boundaries, but it gets 5 stars, it gets five stars for a long list of reasons, and here are some of them:

Because this is new (at least to me) in ways Ms. MacGowen has pushed boundaries that I have not encountered as yet in my reading.
The characters are so flawed, I think they might be perfect, lol, not that this is a perfect story, it’s not a happily ever after story, but in the world it exists in, its as perfect as they come.
I could not stop reading, even as I was crying my eyes out, and having suicidal thoughts, I had to get to the end, I had to know that both Lilith and Finn could survive what was happening to them.
The story was flawlessly written, the transitions from the varying points of view were so well done, I never got confused. I think that MacGowen has a true talent for writing, and I hope to see several more (preferably happier) books from her.
Because its the kind of book that tests, your boundaries, and really allows to you to experience another side of life, in this case an extremely dark side of life, but one that I’m positive exists as raw as portrayed within the pages of this book.

“In that moment, I realised that even if she stayed at Albermarle for the next thousand years, Blaine would never have her. I also knew from hard experience that what my employer could not possess, she destroyed.”

So begins the story of Lilith Besson’s journey from her home in Spain, back to her birth country of England, after she ran away several years ago. Lilith is such a fresh face, she is so different from any other character, she is broken, but strong, and determined. She is a hermit by choice, but often times lonely. She speaks her mind no matter who may be affected (at least until that first meeting with Finn), and she is not afraid of anything. I think because so much bad has happened to her, and she has survived and seemingly has moved on. But she has to now return to london to undertake a protect more or less against her will, and what happens at Albermarle will forever change Lilith.

"The summer I met Lilith Bresson, I had begun to die. "

Finn Cumhail is a man who is indeed tied. Tied to a life, that he cannot get out of. Often tied to instruments of sexual and physical torture. Tied to a room that is more of a prison, than anything else. Tied to a dog who was left behind because no one wanted her anymore. Tied to a best friend, who should win the award for worst best friend ever. Tied to a woman who is the embodiment of the devil. But by the middle of this book, he begins (by choice or force) to become untied. And that happens, when he meets Lilith. I think that Lilith did so much for Finn, just by existing and being willing to be herself with him, and to look beyond his job.

“I never thought about what made someone a good whore - too close to home perhaps - but I only needed to watch Finn for moments to see he was skilled at his trade.”

“A nocturnal junkie, scared of needles and scared of the dark. The irony was hilarious.”

So there you have it, before all else Finn was a whore. He was used by Lady Blaine and her clients for literally whatever they wanted. He was often abused and scared, but somehow he got through it, I’m still not exactly sure how. But as he said in the at opening line, he was already starting to die when Lilith gives him a reason to live, a reason to fight, a reason to want to be untied. Finn has several psychological and social and emotional and probably sexual problems but somehow, along the way, Lilith fell in love with the gardner. With the young man who wanted to just be allowed to cultivate plants, and who thought he was doing right by his family back home. But he is still a young man without a future, he was barely in the moment most of the time. He was constantly drugged, and why shouldn’t he be especially because of the way he was constantly treated by the people around him.

“‘The stroppy Irish supermodel’. He’s the one, isn’t he?’
‘Yeah. yeah he’s the one.’
‘You know how I guessed?’ Nat asked.
Nat gave a brace smile. ‘The lucky dos’s obviously allowed to call you Lili without getting to take his bollucks home in a jam jar.’”

Somewhere along the way, probably because he was so ashamed when Lilith was forced to watch him ‘at work’, maybe because of the way he obviously loved the sick dog, maybe it was because the very first time she saw him, “Finn took my breathe away” but somewhere in there LIlith fell in love with this man. She fell fast and hard, and nothing could seem to stop her from loving him. And with each try that Lady Blaine made to try to disgust her, only brought her closer to him, and her love him more. One thing I want to highlight about the plight of these two, is the fact that Lilith never pitied Finn, when he was abused she cared for him, and helped him, when it was normal she just talked to him about how he was feeling, but she never pitied him, and I believe that

"‘You’ve got hope. You’ve got something – someone – in your life who’s managed to bring a smile to your face. And you know even better than I do that given the slightest opportunity, Blaine will use that to destroy you both. Pull back, Finn. For both your sakes."

I feel like this review would not be complete if I did not mention Lady Blain Albermarle. She is the most horrible, terrible, evil villain I have encountered in recent literature. I feel like she must be the spawn of Satan himself in order for her to be able to be ok with herself, and things she did to people. I don't think I have hated a character as much as her. But again I have to say that she was perfect in her role as villain not once did she ever do anything to make you not want her to just fall down and die.

I highly recommend this book, especially to those who got through [bc:Captive in the Dark|12513614|Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1)|C.J. Roberts||17499464] and [bc:Seduced in the Dark|13612739|Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2)|C.J. Roberts||19212100] and liked them and because this one is more extreme, just be ready. But it is a fantastic read, just not for the romantics out there, this is for the more real realists there are.