The Bite That Binds

The Bite That Binds - Suzanne  Wright 3.5 stars and I'm rounding up!

“I can’t let you go.”

That was my own mantra after finishing HBSV, I just needed more of these two, and Ms. Wright was kind enough to oblige me. But it was Jared who continually said those words to Sam in this book, that throws so much Sam and Jared, who we left very much engaged at the end of the last book. I think that this book wasn’t as much of a page turner as the first, but I loved that we got to see Sam and Jared just be together and in love, I have to say that I love the fierceness of Ms. Wright’s female characters, and the way that their alphas can understand and respect that fierceness.

“Your Sire is deceased?”
“Yeah. A crazy bitch killed him.”

So in the last book we knew that Sam was one of a kind, she was a Svente Feeder, and that just didn’t happen before her. And though she kicked ass in the battle against Bennington, apparently the other snobs of Vamp aristocracy just couldn’t imagine having a Svente as wife to the Grand master, and so when they all show up for the Binding ceremony Sam is put through the ringer. I have to admit that I think if I were her, and I had to endure that bullshit for 7 nights I would’ve killed someone or at least lost it at some point, but Sam was so controlled just throwing her insults, and standing by Jared liked the loving wife we know she will be.

“I was wondering…You know when you act like this, do you feel much like those kids in the Harry Potter books that are prejudiced against muggles?”

I also admire Jared for being so sweet, and letting Sam fight her own battles, even though we know he was having a really hard time with it. But that wasn’t the only reason that Jared was having a hard time, his maker was coming to the binding, and there was nothing he could do to stop her (yes you read that right, its a her), and tragedy strikes his human family. So I just want to say that these vamps need lessons in being a good maker, cause if you thought Victor was terrible, wait until you meet Magda, she is a bitch with a capital BITCH.

“My conscience goes asleep when she’s around.”

But I really could appreciate what was happening between Jared and Sam. They were going from a couple, and really becoming a team. And there were A LOT of compromises on both sides of the team, but one thing was clear, they were always members of the same team, and they always ensured that at the end of every fight there was awesome makeup sex.

“If we shag any more than we already do, there’s a chance your dick will fall off.”

“I might have homicidal tendencies, but I’m not made of stone.”
“No, you’re definitely not made of stone.”

“What are you?”
“Empress of the fucking universe.”

I think Sam was really tested on all fronts in this book. And I’m so proud of her for now ever just stopping and breaking down. She was scared, but she kept this brave face up, for all to see, and she really tried her best to get through the tough times with Jared. And she was such a rock for him, even when she was dealing with her own problems, she kept on loving him and making sure he was dealing as best he could.

“I’ve always thought that Binding was a bit like a war - both sides think they’re right, and neither wants to back down...the only difference is that you’re sleeping with the enemy.”

I have to say that while I really liked this book, one of the side storylines, I did not enjoy and I felt like they could’ve taken it out, and it wouldn't take anything away from the awesomeness of this book. The side stories i kinda made the book drag for the first half, but once you hit the second half, it was really well paced. But overall I liked it. And if you read and liked Sam and Jared in the first book, you’ll love them now.