Facade  - Nyrae Dawn ARC provided by Forever Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Wow, I knew going into this book, that it wasn’t going to be a happy book. I knew there were going to be some really sad moments, what I didn’t know was that I would absolutely love this story. Adrian and Delaney stole my heart, and when I thought they had been to the lowest of the low places, when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did, and my heart broke. But not for one moment did I ever want to stop reading. I think that Adrian and Delaney are such beautifully crafted characters, that their flaws made me love them even more. Their passion and flakiness , and bravery, and cowardice, it showed us these two people who were so real you were right there laughing with them, crying with them and yelling with them.

“Because I’m falling for him. There’s a lot I don’t know about him, but I don’t think that matters. What counts is how I feel and Adrian makes me feel things deep inside in places I didn’t know existed.
And I hope I’m able to reach those places in him too.
Hope that it’s enough to save us.”

Delaney is just so many things, I can’t place a character into any one category, I think that she is very well written, because although she is doing something not right when she falls for Adrian. You still root for her, you cry for her, you cheer for her. Because inside Delaney lies the most optimistic person I have ever met. The fact that she is able to be the kind, caring, compassionate, and even burned individual she is astounds me. She and her brother have one of the relationships that is extremely close but also extremely closed off. They rely on each other heavily, but at the same time, he is scared to let her see his weaknesses, his true feelings, he only cares that she is as happy as possible, and because of that he he doesn’t share many of the burdens that he carries with her. And I get that is what makes him so special to her, but it also puts this huge divide between them.

“You’re bleeding,” she says.
It’s just another wound to go with all the rest. “I’ve been bleeding for four years.”

I loved that Adrian was a writer, and his words tho so few were able to convey this wealth of emotion. He was so sweet, there are countless moments when he would do and say things that would just make me melt. like...

“You let your emotions into your words. I think you have a big heart that’s been bruised, but you’re better than me because you keep letting it beat. You let it get stronger. So tell me, who ruined your day. Who bruised your heart?”

See? Awesome right? I think Adrian is the kind of person who you can spend your whole life being friends with, and never know him. I think that was clearly the case with him and Colt. It was obvious that Adrian and Colt were close, they loved each other. But at the same time, Colt never knew what the demons that lived behind Adrian’s eyes were all about. He never understood how much pain Adrian was almost constantly in. And it wasn’t because he was blind to it, I think it was because over the years Adrian had become a professional at hiding his true identity, to the point that even when he wanted people to know him better he didn’t know how to show his true self to the people he loved the most.

“Your heart beats so strong, I feel it against my chest. You make mine want to catch up, to match the rhythm.”

So this was not the easiest book to read, and believe me right up until the very last page, I wondered if we would get a cheesy ending. But no we got the perfect ending for Adrian and Laney. I think that the way Ms. Dawn ends her stories, it gives us a bit of hope for these couples in the foreseeable future, and what more could anyone want in an HEA

“You helped me stop bleeding. You made my heart beat when I thought it was gone. All those things you said I do for you? They’re nothing compared to what you do for me.”