Rock Chick Revolution

Rock Chick Revolution - Kristen Ashley “...It wasn’t perfect, none of it.
But it was a fairytale.
And people needed to believe in fairytales. Even flawed ones.
Maybe especially flawed ones.”

Top 10 Reasons why Ally Nightingale is My Fave Rock Chick (in no particular order)

1. She and Ren got together before the 20% mark
2. She stands up to the other Hot Guys
3. She knows the ways of the Rock Chick (Ren didn’t have to convince or fight or alpha her into moving in)
4. When Ally wants something she works to get it.
5. Ally Does. Not. Back. Down (even when she should)
6. She rolls with the punches, Ally lets nothing stop her from being happy (not even her apartment exploding).
7. When Ally loves she loves with everything she has (the opposite is also true so watch out).
8. She understands the value of reciprocating favors (An oath for Sunday breakfast in bed).
9. She believes in fairytales, even when they seem to be unbelieveable.
10. She’s a pain in the ass.

So here is finally is, the Original Rock Chick’s Book. I think KA really saved the best for last. We needed Ally to be all up in everyone’s business for the other books to go as smoothly as they did. But Ally’s book anything but smooth, and because Ally is Ally she had very little in the way of help from anyone. But I think thats what made her so special for all the other books.

"People mean something. Memories mean something. Things mean nothing.”

I guess in my heart I always knew Ally would be my girl. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she is a Nightingale, and so she is both a Rock Chick and a Hot Guy (technically). I loved how supportive she was of each of her friends getting their HEA. Even when she thought she’d never get hers, she was genuinely happy for all of them. Hers is a story that really was the best to end this serious. Because she was so connected to every member of both teams. I think Ally is also the smartest of the ROck Chicks, she’s the toughest, and she’s the bravest. She has this amazing quality about her, where she can just make anyone feel like they are the most important person in the world. and that’s what she did for Ren, and all of her ‘clients’ and mostly heartwrenching of all for Darius. I think having the story of Darius in there just really wrapped up this bunch, because he’s been such an integral part of so many of the books, but we never knew much about him because the guys guarded his story even against their women. But Ally was Darius’ friend in her own right, and as a result she would be privy to information that the other Rock Chicks wouldn’t. I think that story was so well crafted. It really allowed the reader to see Ally for the caring person that she is.

There is nothing stronger and there is nothing that’ll get you as fucked up as love

Ren is my new fave of the Hot Guys (Sorry Luke :( though he isn’t technically a member of the group). He is just the sweetest of them, I think that has a lot to do with how open and honest he is with Ally. He gets her and he loves her. He cooks everyday, he does the dishes, he listens and hears the messages inside of Ally’s head instead of just what is coming out of her mouth. He gets her. He gets Ally on so many levels. Even more than that, he apologizes, as soon as he realizes that he has done something wrong, he apologizes and not to just smooth things over, but because he has realizes that he has made a mistake, and wants to make amends. I love that he supports Ally, even when its really hard because what Ally does is very dangerous, he is there for her. And I think thats why he on my heart. He definitely isn’t has alpha as some of the other guys, but when he has to get shit done know that he will, and he will do it well.

So saying all that, why the four stars? Well here’s the thing, I loved Ally and Ren, I loved Ally and Darius, I loved Ally and her brothers. But I didn’t particularly love the other storylines that were running. Ally’s clients and their cases were kinda boring. Them finding out about the books, also not that interesting. But I get why KA felt the need to include that last one. I think it was to wrap up the story in the best way possible. It’s crazy that it’s been like 8 years since it all began, but ending with Ally’s books was sweet, but in the middle, I just wanted to know more about Ally and Ren or Ally and Darius or Ally and her brothers. Throwing in the Snookie story at the midway point was just overboard. Also, where the hell was my Sylvie? I got so super excited, and she just never actually showed up to show Ally how to be bad-ass female PI. :(

But in the end this is prolly the most essential of the Rock Chick books, Ally has been there through it ALL, and her HEA was the one that made it all worth it. KA you really are the master!