Fire Inside

Fire Inside - Kristen Ashley ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review

So KA continues with more hot Motorcylce men from Chaos. I have to say that I never read the preview at the end of Own the Wind, cause I honestly didn’t need any more anticipation. That said, I freaking loved every damn thing about this book! I loved all the characters, I love the plot which was really character driven this time, and not as story driven. I loved that we got more Tyra and Kane. But most of all I loved the love that grows between Hop and Lainie. These two really were the stars and they shone bright all the way through. I think that Lanie is one of those KA heroines who is a place where she needs a man to help her overcome all that has happened. And she finds that man after a one night stand with Hopper Kincaid (even his name gives me shivers). I know many people complained about this book, but I freaking loved it. I thought it was so well put together, because this was at times a balancing act, in effed-upness that is the life of Lanie Heron .

“”Lady kiss me”
Lady I’d been around Hop and all the Chaos boys for some time. They called women a lot of things, some of them good, some of them not so goof. Not one of them, not one, caled any woman Lady.

“Anything you need lady, I’m there for you one way or another.”

Laine’s character definitely had the potential to piss me off. She had just the right formula to make me hate her forever. But she did the opposite, instead of making me hate her, I fell for her much like Hop did. Because she had this survivor attitude, she wanted so badly to put the past behind her, but it was clear that she wasn’t ready yet. She needed to find someone to help her move on. To help her know that there were men out there who weren’t like her ex. Who weren’t cowards who thought that they needed to buy her to keep her. A man who loved her, and supported her, and protected her, from even herself at time. I think that Laine may not have been looking for love when she first propositioned Hop, but she was looking to move on, and Hop was just who she needed to help her do so.

“He'd come all the way to my house to carry one suitcase down one flight of stairs. And to check on me.

“Babe, you’re not lying on a miracle,” he said through a lip twitch.
“No I’m lying under one...”

Hopper Kincaid, is one of those KA alpha males that you just fall in love with because he’s willing to be there for his ‘lady’ no matter what. He wants to love her, care for her, and be there for her. I think Hop always wanted Laine, but he knew that she was damaged, and he was more than up to the challenge of fixing her. I think that more than that, Hop needed Laine in his life to prove to himself, that he wasn’t as shitty as his ex claimed he was. That he was a great guy, and he needed someone to tell him that. Hop is also a great member to the club, its clear that his life has not always been easy, but he’s taken every hard moment and just keeps on rolling with the punches. I think the fact that he was just a caring and loving and nurturing father to his two kids was just beautiful. The way he made time for them, and was so focused on ensuring that they were happy was beautiful.

I actually liked this book a lot more than Own the Wind. I think that had to do with the insanely awesome characters. Both Laine and Hop stole my heart, and I didn’t care that there wasn’t a ton of drama. I thought that for sure, these two were a winning combination. The fact that this story also intertwined with OTW was another great KA-only moment. She really is the master of entwining characters. And I can’t wait for the next book!

“Keep hold of happy...It’s found you...Don’t let go.”