Rules of Entanglement

Rules of Entanglement - Gina L. Maxwell Vanessa MacGregor’s “Lucky 7” Rules To Live By

7. Never take your responsibilities lightly.
6. Never indulge in the poison of lies.
5. Never let a fling last more than three days.
4. Never date a man who chooses fists over words.
3. Never date a man who lacks a stable future.
2. Never relinquish control.
1. Never fall in love.

Ok so those rules have a lot of NEVERS in them. Lol. So this was the follow-up to the awesome Seducing Cinderella. Now I really anticipated this book, mostly because I loved Lucie, and she and Reid both seemed to have such great relationships with her brother and his best friend Jackson, but unfortunately we never got to meet him in the first book. (I still want like a 1.5 to see how that conversation went down lol). Now, I have to say while my major complaint about the other book was that it was too short, this one I thought was too long. There were just stretches where nothing much was happening. And while I love smut, the smut here was just ALL the time, and it wasn’t ever really different, so after a while it got a lil bit repetitive.

"Vanessa was different. She didn’t merely pretend; she was a wolf. When he pushed, she pushed back. He never would’ve thought he’d be attracted to someone so strong-minded, but he couldn’t get her out of his
head. She was like a ball of fire, ready to explode, and he was a pyromaniac who wouldn’t bring himself to keep his distance."

And I think as far as descriptions of characters in a book go, I don't think they could be more accurate. I have to say for the first 30% or so of the book I struggled to even like Vanessa. I mean I’m high maintenance, but I’ve always kinda admired those women who are. Cause I see this inner strength in them. But Vanessa was too high, and it was annoying as hell in the beginning. And when she says that she lives by those rules, they are constantly on her mind, to a point where I want to yell just get a damn tattoo and point to the ones that applies it will be easier for me! But after she finally decides to give Jackson a chance, I have to say I warmed up to her pretty quickly.

“You can spank me if I get to shave your balls with a straight razor.”

Quotes like that were just flying all over the place with these two, but I think she was definitely from the get-go more than just simply attracted to Jackson, she really liked him, and I think that she saw him as domineering, and she wanted to tame that wild beast, and she went about that by being jsut as wild and crazy as he was. When she opened up to him, seeing a different more vulnerable side to her also helped me to not want to strangle her lol.

“True. But the best prediction of the future is looking at the past.”

Lines like that confused me throughout the book, I mean that one minute she would be all into Jax, and be fun and flirty and just so sweet. And then she’d remember a ‘rule’ and then be a bitch and all spewing lies like that one. but I have to say that the reason for her unfriendly behavior is heavy, and dark, but I think she just does a terrible job of handling the circumstances of the her secrets. But my heart really did break for her, when she finally told Jax everything.

“Now, Jilli, if you don’t mind, it’s been a long trip so I’d like to get Lucie to our bungalow so she can freshen up. She normally doesn’t look quite so haggard."
“Well, at least I can fix my problem with a shower, darling. You need a tiny blue pill to fix yours.”

What a way to start a relationship, I actually really enjoyed the playful banter like this between them at first. It was when Vanessa started doling out those really really mean lines, that I just felt like it was going over board. But likes like this one which have me laughing out loud.

"Vanessa sighed. What was she going to do with him? He was the definition of dichotomy, that was for sure. For all intents and purposes, he seemed to be exactly as he appeared: a talented fighter with the
carefree life of a surfer. But something didn’t add up.His actions didn’t reconcile with the responsible man she’d heard about all those years from Lucie."

Jackson in my opinion is just one of those all around good guys. He took over raising his younger sister while he was still in high school when their parents suddenly died. He loves her more than anything, and just wants her to be happy. He also loves the fact that she is marrying his best friend Reid, because he knows that Reid will take good care of her. When Jackson is reunited with Lucie’s best friend Vanessa, he is almost instantly smitten, but her wit, and man-eater style. And he works hard to gain her trust, and her heart.

"She was wearing a pair of cut-off sweatpants that barely covered her ass and a tank top. Proper
island loungewear. Also proper make-his-cock-standup-and-say-aloha wear."

Oh Jackson, when you say things like that. I think one of the the things I really liked about him was that he was a no nonsense guy, but also when he was ready to laugh and joke around he was just the best ever. Knowing that he too was carrying a secret around within him, and I think that its the kind of secret that can really hurt his other relationships, but he does a really good job of never showing that this secret was affecting him.

“Is that what you think of me? That I’m just some playboy who gets what he wants by sleeping with women?”
“I don’t know. Are you?”
“I’m not sure,” he said with a teasing smirk. “I’ve forgotten all the other women since I’ve met you.”

Swoon! I think that Jackson is just the right kind of guy for a girl like Vanessa, he was able to let her in, and to also get her to open up. I think everything worked out in the end. But again I thought the book was just a bit too long, and it had one story line that was just left open, I don’t know if its for a future book, but there was just the addition, and then the entire story went away, I think the author should’ve worked the story in a little differently so that the reader knows to look forward to another story, or at least knows the end.

Jax’s “Lucky 7” Rules To Love By

7. Always be 100% honest
6. Always own up to your mistakes.
5. Always negotiate in terms of forever.
4. Always use fists in the cage and to protect her when necessary, but never bring violence into your life.
3. Always be willing to move out of the bachelor shack into a grown-up house.
2. Always understand the balance of control and give as often as you take.
1. Always, always, always…tell her how much you love her, now and forever, before it’s too late