A Taste of You

A Taste of You - Sorcha Grace *** ARC provided by Netgalley ****

4.5 Stars!!!!!!!

Theme Song: Wipe Your Eyes by Maroon 5

This story was just so beautiful, I could not look away. I really liked the story, loved all the characters, from the main characters, all the way to the security team that surrounded the fantastic William M. Lambourne III. I have to say that the author really did such a great job of setting up a fantastic background for this story. I liked the way that she introduced us to the wonder and enchanting Catherine Kelly. I also liked how the story unfolded, it made a major difference in how much i adored these characters.

Catherine Kelly is the type of woman who in her short life have lived many more than she ever deserved. She is trying so hard to put the pieces of her life back together, and i have to say that she has done a fantastic job. She does what she has to do in order to achieve what she wants. I think that she is such a fierce character without being overly aggressive. She is determined, and I love that she thinks things through which is so refreshing in a female lead. She was reserved, and had such average insecurities about life. But she was also funny, and true to herself most of the time, I think that life handed Cat so many lemons, that she got sick of making lemonade, which is just a sad fact. But she was able to still enjoy the company of some really great people/ s I also have to say that the fact that she had a kick ass best friend who was so supportive and caring was a bonus.

“Cooking and sex measured equally on the pleasure scale for Beckett, and though I adored his enthusiasm, I share it.”

beckett is the quintessential gay bff, the added twist of being hilarious and in love with food. OMG he would just make every interaction he had with food be so personal, and meaningful, I really liked him, and I hope as the series continues we get to see more of him. He was a really great friend to Cat, and it was clear that she would not be as stable of a person as she was if it wasn’t for their relationship.

“What’s in the bag?”
“Let me in, and I’ll show you. I might even let you taste it.”

And so we meet the wonderful William. And he really was wonderful. Now I will admit that he did make several mistakes in the beginning of his interactions with Cat, but he was new to the whole commitment thing, so like Cat I can forgive him. I wanted to know that he was able to be the kind of guy who could love, and by the end of the book that was a confirmed fact. But he wasn’t without his own demons, just like Cat. However, unlike Cat he was very unwilling to share the information pertaining to his demons. But outside of that he was so dreamy, and sweet and kind, that I could understand why it was that Cat felt such an uncontrollable pull to him.

“I do believe in hope, Catherine.”...

The relationship that develops between these two is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Cat is not an innocent naive woman, she is trying to put as much distance between herself and her past as possible, and she is still not sure if she can be a productive, loving relationship. While on the other hand, William has never had a real relationship, he has never been in a long term committed relationship, and has never really ever had even a girlfriend. He is a billionaire, and with that comes certain problems where romance is concerned. But when he meets Cat, his position, and belief, and understand of what he thought was normal changes forever, and he is ensnared by his attraction to her.

“I can’t believe you, a gourmand an epicurean - likes jelly beans.”

I have to say that I loved the twist of William loving food as much as he did. And not just loving to eat great foods but loving to make it as well. I found that part of the story line ot eb unique, fresh and fun, also yummy. there was some really sexy times in a bed with some really awesome food. Champagne and frozen grapes will never be the same again.

“Nothing is ever a waste of time. Every experience is a lesson even your failures”

I don’t really like that the book ended in a cliffhanger, but I thought it was not the annoying kind at all. I liked what happened, and I can’t wait to continue the series. William, Cat, Beck, and the other characters were so great, I look forward to another book with them, where we can enjoy some more time, in their world. I really recommend this book, to those romantic foodies out there.