Forbidden Fires

Forbidden Fires - Jodie Griffin This book had a bit more story than romance, and so it took me some time to get into it.

That said I really love these two. There was so much tension, it was radiating off the pages, I felt like there was so little happy moments between them.

They were also very very focused on their case. The case that brought them together for a second time, a case that involved fires and BDSM. It was great to meet Gabe again, and I do enjoy the service at Breakfast and Bondage. And I'm still waiting for Gabe to get a book.

I have to say that Dee and Colin were super hot once the steam finally started, and I kinda wish there was more of them. I loved the times when they weren't over analyzing their past relationship and instead were just living in the moment. Those were my fave parts.

So overall not as much fun as the first two books int he series, but I really liked the characters, and if you are looking for a more plot driven erotica look no further.