Extreme Exposure (I-Team #1)

Extreme Exposure (I-Team #1) - Pamela Clare So I have to say that I've heart quite a bit about both this author, and this series. The 3 stars I gave the book most likely has more to do with me expecting this entire series to be about something completely different than what it turn out to be. So, I went into this book believe that I-team was some kind of military team, and not an investigative journalism team, so right away I was kinda thrown for a curve.

So the first about 35% of the book is kinda slow, both Reece and Kara are very likable, very average people. Both are dealing with the cards that they have been dealt, that said, it is evident that Reece has been dealt a much better hand than Kara, but they meet, and then they go out. I have to say that some parts of that first third of the book were kinda cheesy, but that might only be because I've read about those moments before in other books, so they weren't cute or funny to me.

So once the actual story begins, I was hooked, a investigative report about environmental violations by a large corporation? What is better than that? I thought Kara's friend Holly was a great addition, she was both funny and fun, and its clear that she is a big support to Kara. I also really liked Conner, Kara's four-year-old son. I thought he was sweet, and cute, and realistic. Reece's ability to deal with Conner made me like him all the more. their relationship however seemed to develop faster than the relationship between Kara and Reece. But I have to say that I will never think of mountain lions quite the same way again.

The steam factor wasn't scorching, but it was a good book. And I think that I will continue the series, especially because most people said the series gets better. I want to say that I genuinely liked the book, but it feel forgettable. But a good fun suspense read. Cause I never got all the connections till they were revealed.