Strings  - Kendall Grey 10 Things I LOVED about Strings

1. This was the Dirtiest, Crudest, and Funniest book I have ever read! The lines in this book are so inapproprate at times, that I can’t even share my fave quotes. But they were the most rockstar inpsired time I’ve read. I think this is what its like on hte Motley Crew bus (well is if there is also a girl band on the bus). But it was amazing!

2. Letty: She was so amazing. I love a strong kick-ass woman. And Letty is the ultimate. I don’t think there will ever be another woman like her in literature. She is so open, and honest, and fucking amazing I love her!

3. Shades: Now here is an alpha, who knows he’s an alpha, and doesn’t have to give off alpha vibes in order to be able to be the alpha. I think I loved that most of all about him. He was so awesome, and open with Letty, I love how caring he was, the little gifts he gave her, even when they were hiding their feelings, it still showed how much he cared.

4. The Plot: I think the story line was awesome, I like that they were these two bands starting off, and they don’t get an instant record deal after their first show. They had to struggle, and suffer in order to even get people to come to their shows. But they were all willing to do whatever it took to get people to come out to their shows. I really liked that they did hit hard times, and they did struggle, but it was obvious that they were in it for all the right reasons, and nothing was going to keep them from becoming rock stars.

5. Jinx, Toombs and Rax: Such an awesome supporting cast. I have to say I have fallen really hard for Toombs already. And he barely spoke 20 words in the this book. But he is just so awesome I can feel it, I hope he and JInx get together and soon!

6. Jillian: As far as kick ass managers for kick ass bands go, I loved every moment that Jillian was there. I loved how brutally honest she was with both groups. And how much faith she had in them making it big (she quit her job to manage them), but mostly I loved how she pushed them to better than they believed was possible. She was really cool, and I hope she gets her HEA eventually.

7. The lyrical content: So what would a book about musicians be without its actual music. And I have to say that Letty Dillinger is talent when it comes to writing lyrics. Every Time she got a song together the words were always so well put together. I loved every song she wrote. I should also say that Rax also composed a long int he book, the it was well, considering he was very very drunk it was pretty damn funny.

8. The copious amount of sex: So yes there was ALOT of sex in this book. And it was all super graphic, and super steamy, and super erotic, and just plain super. I think Letty and Shades are so damn sexually comparable that they make the rest of us mere mortals feel as inadequate as we should! Lol. I really enjoyed them, even when my brain eye was burning because it was too much I loved it.

9. Colorful descriptions: Most of my fave quotes are pretty x-rated so its being spoilered, read at your own risk:
“I have a momentary lapse in vaginal secretion control. Cleanup on aisle twelve, stat!”
“Nope. Resist the temptation. Letty. Fuck him like a Roman nympho whore with a flaming crotch, let him put it out with a cum spitzer then run like hell.”
“Welcome General Shades to the safe haven of my eager love bunker.”
“And my monkey is jonesing for a shades-flavored banana”

10. The opening and closing paragraphs: I think they really allowed the reader to connect to Letty on a different level. she was this really hard bad ass chick, but in those two paragraphs we get to see this woman who is so aware of how lucky she is, and who is grateful for all the good that has happened to her.

So there is it is! I loved this book, and I can’t wait for the rest!