Unicorn - Isabella Martin This rating is actually tearing me apart. Because I want to say first, this is one of those memoirs, that is literally just a glimpse into someone's life, I think that its hard to properly assess our lead character. There were some things I liked about her, but even as she wrote she felt detached. It felt like she was just writing down a bunch of facts from her life, but not actually analyzing any of them.

Even when describing her feelings about men, and or sexual situations, it was done like a report, just a summary of the event, very little on the actual emotions behind then event.

I also want to say that I didn't get where the book was going EVER! What was the climax? the plot build up? What was the ultimate message the author wanted to convey? What's with the name unicorn?

The entire book feels very much like the blurb.



But intriguing nonetheless.

After thinking about it though, I think that this book deserves 3 stars, here is why:
- An honest examination of the human spirit. I think we all go through some periods where our lives just seem to fall apart.
- A no holds barred look at relationships, why we have them adn what they mean to us.
- A look at how we are affected by our past experiences, and how being ourselves is the only way to really be able to live.