Tie Me

Tie Me  - Olivia Cunning Damn Olivia Cunning just made me super interested in Shibari. Another great book in the series. I think I like that we get these short snippets of the all the boys. It makes it so much more interesting. I can't wait to know what happens next. Especially with the whole Lindsey situation

I loved Kelly (yes like Owen I get to call him that) I think that at first it was hard to hear about his ex, and all that happened with her. But I think that she was selfish and he's been holding her on this pedestal that she really didn't deserve. I have to also say, that I loved him and Owen, how close they are. It always seems so easy with them even when it was awkward, it seemed easy, and organic. I also really liked Dawn, she was so in charge, and the fact that she went after him, and yelled at him for leaving her? LOVED IT!