Come Undone

Come Undone - Jessica Hawkins *** ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest reveiw***

So here is a book, that really is very well written. It's a book essentially about an affair, but believe me when I say that its on a book that just focuses on the affair, instead its about how someone who is already unhappy, and definitely unsatisfied in their marriage, can in a time of need turn to someone who they are seriously attracted to. I have to say that Ms. Hawkins made me OK with cheating. I think its because of the way the book was written. When you meet Olivia, you see her as this woman who has everything going for her. But the author spent most of the book really working on Olivia's back story. She really let us get to know all the people in her life, and how each of them had helped to mold her into the person that she is. All the influences she had in her life, and why those influences are so important to this change in her. I think that because we understand all of the external and internal workings of Olivia, it was actually very easy for us to love David.

David was a fantastic character. He was so aloof, but interested (I know oxymoron right?) but its true. For the first couple chapters he was just a guy, who watched, and he stood back. I think that he was one of those guys that you just have to fall for. Even removing his very handsome looks from the equation, you have this really great guy, who understands, that what he wants, is something that is going to change his life, and many other lives forever. He understands that being with Liv, is wrong, and he tries not be many times. I loved how much he respected her marriage (well up to a point), he also respected her very much, but he made it very clear that he could not stay away.

This is a series that sucked me in, I couldn't look away, because I just had to know how their interaction was going to end, and I can't wait to read the next book!