A Million Dirty Secrets: Million Dollar Duet

A Million Dirty Secrets: Million Dollar Duet - C. L. Parker *** ARC provided by Netgalley. In exchange for honest review ***

I never expected to enjoy this book as much as I did, I thought I’d read, and then roll my eyes, and that would be it. But boy was I wrong! This is a whole new look at the domineering millionaire, and the woman who he buys (in this case literally). I think the two major changes to the formula for “Fiftyshadeseque” books, is that these two had major personalities. And there was no BDSM, Noah didn’t try to tie Lanie to a bed for days, he didn’t hurt her, he didn’t stalk her, or obnoxiously try to control her life. Noah was a normal guy who decides to buy a girlfriend for the ultra low price of $2 million. I like him, and the way he treats her, and is there for her. I think that though they both have baggage, he’s the one with the really heavy baggage. Not that it's as heavy as some of the other billionaires we’ve met.

But there were some parts to this story that really made it stand out from the others in the barrel. first of Lanie is so amazing, for someone who sold herself to the highest bidder, it’s clear off the bat that just because you paid for her, doesn’t mean you own her. She is defiant, and has a mind of her own, independent, and I think most importantly, she’s determined. She’s driven, Lanie made a very hard decision when she decided to sell herself for two years to the highest bidder, and though its for a very noble cause, I don’t think she was really ready for the psychological toll that being auctioned would have on her. But I really liked her throughout the book, the way that she speaks, and acts its clear that she is far from broken. But her moment comes, and I think its an ingenious one by the author, in that she is willing to give all of herself to her “owner” except one small and seemingly insignificant thing, but I think that this is a powerful action, and it speaks volumes about her.

Noah was just such a sweet guy, he is really just looking for companionship, after all the betrayal and loss he has suffered, it is evident when he goes to the auction, it is to try to get someone who will just be by his side and support him at all times even if he has to pay her to do so. I think that Noah is actually the central character, and I think that he is the biggest change in the formula. Noah doesn’t want to dominate, he just wants to have someone there at his will, at least so he thinks at first, but its clear that he’s never done anything like this before, and that he makes some mistakes while navigating this new relationship.

Overall, this was a surprisingly very enjoyable book, I thought that there were so many things that will make this book stand out in a sea of similar ones. I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel thats for sure.