Axel (Corps Security)

Axel (Corps Security) - Harper Sloan The Good

Axel : Now one thing Ms. Sloan got right was a seriously hot Alpha male. I freaking loved Axel, I thought he was so overbearing, and strong, and awesome just like a good alpha should be. Axel had me both laughing and crying for him the entire time. He was also incredibly honest with his feelings about Izzy, and I think that he was one who listened to reason before he responded to anything. Which I think made him even better!

Corps Security Crew : Honestly, I loved these guys. So alpha, so hott, so freaking funny at times it was unbelieveable how awesome these are. And I will be reading this entire series cause my life became more complete after meeting these boys. Especially Greg! I’m dying to know why a guy that amazing doesn’t have a steady girlfriend or wife.

Dee : When it comes to best friends, OMG! I think Dee has won the award for best best friend in the history of the universe. I loved her ability to hold Izzy’s life together. The selfless way in which she supported Izzy’s decisions, and how she put Izzy’s happiness oftentimes before her own. She was also incredibly funny, which always helps.

The Bad

The Misunderstandings : I get that we need those in some books, but just me being totally honest. ITS BEEN DONE. AND I HATE IT! The fact that years have gone by, and you claim to love someone so much, but you can’t realize that you’ve been played doesn’t make me feel sorry for a character, instead it makes be not like or appreciate their lack of intelligence thoughts. I thought the entire premise was stupid, and it killed the book for me.

The Circumstances (major spoiler) HOW THE FUCK CAN IZZY BE IN A HOUSE WITH THE ENTIRE CREW, AND GET THE LIVING SHIT BEAT OUT OF HER? HOW? HOW? That doesn’t make a lick of sense. I think that it was ridiculous the amount of shit that Damon got away with. Ok end of spoilers rant.

The Ugly

Izzy So yes this was what killed the book for me. I know all the female leads in books can’t be incredibly strong and not crying hysterics. I know that. But in order for a book to get more than 3 stars for me that has to happen. And what kills me is that I think the author meant to make Izzy strong, but she wasn’t. She’d freak out all the time, she’d be crying or running away, she was just too much. I hated the way she treated Axle for most of the book. Though I have to say I’m glad once she got over herself she was upfront and honest with him about what happened.

So that's the long and short of it. I know this is a new author, and I know its gonna take her awhile to find her voice and stuff, and like I said in the beginning I’m reading this whole damn series just for the boys. I loved the dual POV cause I think if I had to stay in Izzy’s head the entire time, I might’ve given this 2 stars.