Come Alive

Come Alive  - Jessica Hawkins ARC provided by Jessica Hawkins Publishing via Netgalley

So I really, really enjoyed this book. I thought that I wouldn’t cause I’m not a fan of cheating, but I think Ms. Hawkins did a really good and realistic job of weaving through the maze of an affair, and the repercussions both internal and external.

When we meet Olivia she is 15 weeks out of her affair with David, having walked out on him. But she is not OK, she’s not fine, she dying on the inside. Of course everyone thinks is because her good friend has died, but thats not it. She torn. She is torn between her heart and her head. And reading about how she navigates through this hard maze, was so heartbreaking. But David is there.

David is different in this book. He’s not trying to hook up with a married woman. He is fighting to win over the heart of the woman he loves. And one thing I love about David is that he knows how to fight dirty. He really does try to move on, but he can’t and once he realizes he can’t David begins a campaign to get Olivia back.

I liked that we got some more Gretchen in this book. I think Gretchen mirrors a lot of what Olivia wants, she is free to make mistakes and learn from them. But in this book we learn that Gretchen isn’t as confident, and untouchable as we first thought. And I liked that.

Hawkins was able to make me like and hate Bill at the same time. I felt bad at times, but other moments, I was so against him, I wanted nothing to do with him, and I wanted Olivia to stop feeling so guilty for cheating, because Bill was a dick at times. In fact most of the time, I wanted David to just tell him, but thats not what happened.

I loved the pace, the plot, and the way it was constructed. I can’t wait for the last installment. So hurry the hell up Jessica Hawkins!