Tear You Apart

Tear You Apart - Megan Hart Dear Megan Hart,

I hate you, you write these amazingly tragic stories, that I can’t stop reading, WTF is up with that? And you make my whole weekend suck, but your books are so filled with the raw, real, unbelievably honest, that I can’t not read them! So yes it’s true, though I love your books, I hate you for writing them!

Ok... on to the review

“See,” Will says, “You never know how thirsty you are until someone offers you something to drink.”
“I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.”

Ah this was a love story. One that’s not always happy, not always great, but it was indeed a love story. A story of two people who needed to be with each other because in that moment in time, they were both what each other needed. i have to say that Megan Hart knows how to blur lines of ethics and morality that you thought you were so firm on. But she makes you feel what your protagonist is feeling, hear what she is hearing, remember what she’s remembering, and so when life gets complicated you understand every moment that and every decision that is made. I thought that above all this was a story of the impossible decisions that we have to make sometimes, and how we can decide what we want, and why, and with whom.

If marriage is compromise and working together, sometimes it’s also just biting the fuck out of your tongue to keep yourself from ending it all over a basket of laundry.”
Elizabeth was so tired of being in her marriage it frustrated me. I hated her husband, but truth be told, I don't think he was very different from most guys, I see this as just the typical relationship after being together for all this time, these two are at the point where they start to realize how little they have in common, and what that could mean for them later. I thought that Will and Elizabeth were both coming into a relationship with a lot of battle of scars from previous (and for Elizabeth current) relationship. But they were on fire! So hot, in those stolen moments, I definitely understood the passion just from the words on the page.

“Happiness is overrated. Maybe we are not built for it. Maybe the best we can hope for is to be content. To be resigned. To muddle through life and be grateful for the good, and work through the bad. Maybe that is what I will have for the rest of my life, this good life to which I am resigned, for which I am grateful.”
I absolutely adored the imagery in this book. And I don't just mean the scenes from New York and Philadelphia, I mean the way that Megan Hart added so much imagery by making Elizabeth able to smell people’s personalities. It sounds weird, but this actually added quite a bit to the story. It added an entirely new dimension to the story. Everyone was so different because they smell like different things, that really do match their personalities. It was never over the top, I thought the addition of this element was person.
Overall, this was a fantastic book! I can’t ever pick it up and read it again because it might make me a bit suicidal, but it was still just a brilliant book from Megan Hart, and I’m not the least bit surprised about that.

“Some people live their entire life and never once feel how I felt every time he looked at me. So yes, this hurts, I as id I might die. But I won’t. And somehow, I find a way to let it all go... just let it go. No regrets. No grief. it will always hurt a little, down deep in that secret place, but it’s become a pain I can handle. Besides if it didn’t always hurt, just a little, it wouldn’t mean as much.”