The Prince (The Original Sinners)

The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz “I saw pale kings and princes, too, pale warriors, death-pale were they all; they cried - ‘La Belle Dame sans Merci Hath thee in thy thrall.”

So, the third installment in this amazing series. So much was revealed in these pages, so much about the past, present and future. Meeting up with Nora, Wes, Soren and Kingsley again was just as much fun, emotional, and just plain entertaining as the two previous times. I think though for the first time, we saw so much that we’d never seen before, Nora breakdown over her kinky ways, Kingsley as a submissive, Soren showing genuine fear, and Wes as not a virgin. This was one hell of a ride.

“‘What are you praying for, mon ami?’ Kingsley had asked.
‘What I’ve been praying for every day since I met you,’ Stearns said, twisting the beads around his hand. ‘And what is that?’ ‘Strength.’”

Soren and Kingsley. I could not even imagine what those two were like back in the day. There were so amazing together. I think the fact that they are such close friends now, is a clear indication of the fact that they need each other, and have always needed each other, from the moment they met. I think that their relationship was so beautiful, even though all the violence, Kingsley and Soren had something so amazing. It is clear that though Soren never said it its clear that he believes that Kingsley saved him. He saved him from a life that would’ve been lived completely alone, and with self-hatred. Kingsley made Soren feel normal with all his kinky ways. Which is why I believe Kingsley was so hurt by Eleanor entering Soren’s life. Because she saved Soren from an even lonelier life.

The relationship between Kingsley and Nora has been turned on its head. While in the Angel it was hinted that Kingsley was jealous of Nora and Soren’s relationship now, it was clear that he didn’t just think that she didn’t deserve Soren but he wanted her out of the picture altogether. I think that Kingsley has been so patient waiting for his chance with Soren, but the thing that is keeping them apart is so dark, that Soren has had this ghost in his life for such a long time. But there is a genuine love there. The hardest thing about this book, is that you know that Soren loves both Kingsley and Nora, but while he loves Kingsley for saving him back then. Nora saves Soren every day, just by being in his life. And both Soren and Kingsley know this, and I think they both hate the power she has over them.

“I lived in your world. Come live in mine for a while.”

“Soren’s love was like the sky - huge and ubiquitous, always there without fail. She no more expected his love to go away that she would ever imagine walking outside at night and seeing a void where the stars should be. But Wesley’s seemed so strange to her, so novel. Where had it come from? And why? She would understand the origin of the stars before she ever got why this beautiful boy, so sweet and pure, would love a woman like her.”

So Nora and Wes are reunited. And I think this is the first time that we get to see Nora completely out of her element. Even when she left Soren all those years ago, and lived outside the world, she maintained her links to it. But now, there are no ties. She is living on a horse farm worth more than a billion dollars with her 19-year old Methodist virgin boyfriend. It is so different from anything she’d never known. But because she is Nora Sutherlin, and the most amazing female character I have ever read, she takes it all in stride. Well....most of it in stride, she still struggled with being intimate with Wes, and its weird but so satisfying to see Nora be nervous about something. I think her relationship with Wes took some serious moves towards an HEA, but as with everything in the lives of the Original Sinners, it wasn’t long before everything went to shit. I think seeing Nora like this, seeing her not as a dominant or a submissive or a switch, but just seeing her as a woman who enjoyed sex, and men, nad life, it was just what I needed as a reader.

“You are blessed indeed to have such a great woman in your life. We are mere princes, you and I. But she is a queen.”

This was a beautifully crafted book, and my one and only complaint was the cliffy. Ms. Reisz you have never left us hanging like this before, and I’m lucky because the Mistress is already out, but I can’t imagine having to wait for this book. A couple of questions and ideas came up while i was reading. Why now? Why is this woman going after Nora, Sorena and Kingsley now? What has changed? Why did Soren not go through with his plan to share Nora with Kingsley? What changed for him? How does he really feel about being in the threesome relationship now? Kingsley seems to have some control over Nora, why did he not decide to now include Kingsley in their lives? I think that Nora is going to be devastated when she learns how Kingsley really views her. Its going to be so hard on her.

“‘I made you a monster and a monster is what you are. Live here if you must, but remember that inside these walls, you are Eleanor Schreiber. Nora Sutherlin does not live here.’ Her only response had been to return his stare with one as hard as his own, and that when Kingsley had realized the terrible truth- he hadn’t created Nora Sutherlin at all...he’d only unmasked her.”