I Breathe You

I Breathe You - Lori L. Clark ***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

The Good

Ian Callahan : so amazing. I think that he is one those book bfs that make everything worse for real guys.

Timing: although the attraction between Rhane and Ian was almost instant the development of the relationship was slow, and real. i liked that they were friends first, before the romantical aspect of the relationship came into play.

Pacing: the book/story/plot was well laid out . I never felt bored, I actually found myself plowing through this book.

The inclusion of the diary. i loved that Rhane had that diary, although I really wish we got to read more of it. But I enjoyed those glimpses into her deeper, more personal thoughts.

The dreams: I loved that the dreams were so well weaved into the storylines. It was a creative way of telling us what really went down in the accident.

Gwen and T: I loved these two characters. Gwen was so important to the evolution of the story. She was one of those hard-ass, hard-line characters and i thought she was perfect for the stubborn, self-centered person that Rhane was. She was honest, and straightforward. T was just such a big sweetheart. I think that he was just the best uncle, and a great addition to the cast of characters.

The Major Conflict: I think having a story that surrounds a character who is suffering from PTSD, and her road to recovery made for an interesting and memorable story.

The Bad

I don’t think Rhane’s PTSD was well dealt with. Although a lot went into the beginning and the background, and her journey to accepting she had a problem, not much went into her actually dealing with said problem. I think either allowing us to read more of her diary as she began to recover, or perhaps allowing us to be at the counselling sessions, would’ve helped to see her in a different light.

Rhane: this is a personal issue, I did not like how rash and quick she is to judge Ian, and everyone else. But again even though I didn’t love her, she was very well characterized. She was the only child of two successful, driven people. Her successes was important to her, and she was traumatized by losing her most loved attribute. I can understand that. But her treatment of Ian I personally thought was just terrible, and it made the book less awesome.

The Ugly

There was no ugly, I really liked this book, and I look forward to more from this author.