Logan's Redemption

Logan's Redemption - Cara Marsi So this book has been on my TBR list for such a long time, and I finally decide to give it a try. So this is a story that has such great potential. And I think for the most part Cara Marsi does a really good job with the story. So Dorianna and Logan had a very serious and very passionate, and very short relationship 16 years ago. And then it ended very abruptly. One night Logan just left and was never seen again. He left and Doriana was pregnant. But she never tells anyone who the baby's father was. Sixteen years later Logan returns as Dorianna's interim assistant, and from there a pretty cool story occurs. While I really liked both Logan and Dorianna, and I couldn't believe that Logan could work for months as Doriana's assistant and never meet her (and his son). I also thought the his response to finding out he had a child would be a bit more dramatic. But I did love how he tried to get to know his son. He really worked hard to become someone in his life, but he wasn't overbearing either. Overall I really enjoyed this book, however, I thought the first half really dragged, and then the last quarter seemed to be rushed. But I would read from this author again for sure.