Elite - Rachel Van Dyken "What the hell kind of school was this? The guys have piercings and treat people like dirt, and girls flirt with old men?"

Well, this was definitely not what I expected out of this book. When I read the blurb, I was unsure of what I should expect, but I know this was not it. I more than liked but less than loved this book. I think it was a fun read, though at first I found it to not be very realistic, but my explanation of that will come in the full review. Here we go.

The Good

Plot: Now I love a story about the Italian mob I think they are just the coolest of groups of people. And to be perfectly honest, I never saw that coming, I never thought that when all the dust was cleared, this would be part of the secrets of the Elite. Though, I have to say at the end it made sense, the methods employed by Nixon, and his gang fit perfectly with what we know about those people.

"Sometimes we aren't given choices. We just are."

Nixon: So incredible, was the mean-spirited, rude, smartass Nixon. He seemed to have made, making Trace’s life as miserable as possible. And boy was he an utter success at that! But by the middle of the book, we meet a Nixon who is so different, The Nixon that Chase, and Monroe and all the others have always known existed but few have ever seen. He stole my heart more than once.

“He’s the spawn of Satan” she grumbled. “And you are?” She grinned and held out her hand. “Monroe, I’m Satan’s sister.”

Monroe: Monroe is the complete opposite of her brother. And to a certain extent, I feel that she is the only one who can stand up to Nixon. I think that there are so many things to love about her. I liked that she was so cool with Trace, she didn’t treat her like “the scholarship kid” at all. She treated her with kindness and consideration, which seemed to be really hard for the other people in the school. I’m glad that Trace someone like her around. I think her relationship with her brother is the best, and I can’t wait to see more of them later in the series.

Chase: Don’t want to say too much because of the preview of the next book, but I loved Chase in this book in the series. I don’t know that I will continue to feel the same. But he was so sweet to Trace, when everyone else was terrible to her. She picked her up, and brushed her off, and he really helped her in her time of need. I hope there is an HEA for him at the end of this.

The Bad

Nixon is a mob boss with a lip piercing? I don’t know how much of that I can believe.
The meanness in the school, these are college kids, while I don’t know anything about the lives of the rich and famous I would hope that college kids don't still feel the need to throw eggs at the “poor” girl. While we don’t know all the the deets a twenty year old being head of a mob family? Like actual head? That’s a stretch as well for me at least.

The Sneak Peak: WTF man? No one should be left hanging like that! NO ONE!

The in between

Trace: I’m not sure about Trace. She was so brave and strong at certain times. And it wasn’t that the bullying made her cry, I was crying with her. But it was that moment towards the end. When she just did the opposite of what she’d agreed to do. It killed me that she could trust the person who she was supposed to trust the most. I hope that as her role in the Elect changes, she will be a stronger character.

Overall, good start to a series that has some serious potential.