The Mistress

The Mistress - Tiffany Reisz ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley

“You’re a sadistic bitch Mistress,”
“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

This book feels like a culmination of the tangled web of the Original Sinners.

The Good

Nora I remember Nora from the Siren. I remember thinking she was so powerful, and so amazing, and just to self assured. But getting to see Nora be vulnerable, and be torn apart by her love for the many men in her life. And now facing her own demise. I love Nora, and I want to be her. I think she is the most unique of female characters. And this book we finally got to hear her tell all the stories, her way. I think this is the real Nora, she’s not playing a role, this is the woman that she is under everything else. And I think she is so fucking awesome. Nora gets to write her own story in this book, and I think her voice comes through loud and clear. I think this book feels like Nora is writting it (thought thats not actually the case)

“Soren loved Kingsley...loves Kingsley.” she corrected, There was no past tense with Soren. When he loved, what he loved, who he loved, he loved eternally. “Sometimes the only way to show someone you love them is to let them go. It’s hard though. It’s so fucking hard.”

Soren Getting a glimpse of Soren without Nora was just what I needed for me to love him forever The desperation and vulnerability of Soren in this book, I don’t think even Nora knew it existed. His love for her was immeasurable and he wore it on his sleeve. the risks he was willing to take for her, were beyond reason at times. I think readers finally got to see the Soren that Nora has been talking about from the first book. The best man on the planet, I see it now. In the way she tells their real love story, to the psycho bitch kidnapper. The way Soren is when he learns Nora is gone. What he does to get her back. It is so incredible.

“...I think I learned what sex was that night,” Laila said. “I mean, I learned what it should be.”
“And what is that?” Wes asked…
“A gift. A gift you give someone you care about. A consolation, a comfort, even a distraction, but always a gift.”

Soren and Wesley : yes you read that correctly. Soren and Wesley, I think there are moments in there when I thought they should just have an old fashion duel. Just fight for the right to Nora, but I think Soren was most open to comfort from Wes and vice versa, because only the two of them knew what the other was feeling. Because they both love Nora. I think that the fact that Wes got to see how loss Soren was, it helped him to see what he’d never been able to before, that Soren loved Nora so much more than maybe even she was aware.

“Our Nora has a magic pussy. It’s the opposite of the Bermuda Triangle. Lost men sail into it and then find themselves.”

Kingsley: Kingsley is pushed to so many limits in this book. He has his Juliette who dropped quite the bomb on him. He has this kidnapper who has Nora. Soren goes off his rocker with grief, and now Kingsley has to face a major demon in his life. But I think of all the characters he was more able to deal with all that was going on. And Kingsley remained himself, always cracking funny very flirty jokes, just to try to lighten the mood. I am so happy that he got his HEA. I think that he definitely deserved it after all this time.

“I knelt at his feet because I felt that’s where I belonged. And no, not because I was so unworthy of him, but because he was so utterly worthy of my devotion.”

The Kidnapper: I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone, but this is most psychotic kidnapper I’ve ever read. But Nora was Nora through and through, and believe me it is a miracle she wasn’t killed in the first few pages. But she wasn’t killed because this person had a serious vendetta to square off, and nothing was going to stop her. Not even Nora’s very very quick and deadly tongue.

The Bad

Grace’s storyline: Why was Grace here? I didn’t get it, she only served to add pages to the book, that prevented me from knowing what was going on! Lol, I know I get why she was there, and I think several readers will get it as well, but the end of the book for sure, but I just felt like she was a terrible distraction I would’ve prefered we have Zach back instead.

How obvious Laila’s part was: From the moment we found out who the mystery woman outside Soren’s house was, and her age, I knew why she was there. Which just was a little out of sorts for a series that has kept me on my feet for 3 books, but I get why Ms Reisz introduced her the way she is, and why she is who she is.

That breakup : It was so anticlimactic, I thought after all this time, all this trying there would be more of a fight on one end. Then again they weren’t really the fighting type of couple. Still, I think I wanted something else

The Ugly


Ms. Reisz
This better not be the end, because you have a lot of explaining to do! A. LOT. OF. EXPLAINING.

I think this is the quote that best sums up the entire series:

“I don’t care what I am. I never have. It’s everyone else who cares. Not me. I don’t care if I’m his mistress or wife. I only wanted Soren. People tell me to get married, settle down, have kids. Fuck them. They don’t know me. You know who never told me how to love my life? Soren. He asked me to obey him, not to change for him. That’s why I could never ask him to leaves the priesthood, never let him marry me, because he never asked me to be somebody else so I won't ask him to be somebody else.”