Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2)

Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites, #2) - Avery Aster ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

The Good

Stand-alone :So, I didn’t read the first book in the series because the author insisted it could be read as a standalone and she did not lie. I really enjoyed this book. I don’t think there was ever a mention of the original couple so I never felt lost or out of place.

Taddy Brill OMG this girl is too much fun. She’s so independent in so many ways. But behind all the flirting, and jokes, and good time, there was a definite vulnerability I think the fact that she is so giving and so loving after all that has happened to her is a testament to how awesome she is.

Warner : I loved how awesome and cool Warner was. He owned the world and he knew and was not ashamed of it. He was so sweet to Taddy even when she was trying to shut him out he continually called her attention back to them. I liked how he wanted to get to know her friends and family, was unafraid to admit he wanted to be with her. And the dirty talk was just effing perfect.

Kiki So I’m not a big fan of the virgin 22 year old. But Kiki was the sweetest, most believable, virgin 22 year old. I loved how loyal she was to both her beliefs and Taddy. She was a great addition to the overbearing different from me cast of of characters in this book. I liked how determined she was to make it in NY even though she was a mormon in a city of Sin.

Vive, Lex and Blake: These are the kinds of friends that were so real that I felt like I knew them personally. These were so amazing, and supportive, and sweet, and crazy. I still feel so bad for Lex, she is the kind of person that you just want to hug, she is carrying so much hurt and pain, but she’s carrying it so well. The way she breaks down when her line takes off is evidence, that she was scared that she and her mother wouldn’t be able to get out of their debts. But she never complains and she is always so happy for Taddy. Vive and Blake have been the rocks in Taddy’s life, and its clear that they are so happy that she found Warner.

Chapter Titles: these were epic:
Thank You Brigham Young University for Kiki
Banging Birdie
Vive Serves Bye-and-Bye Dick Pie
Dominatrix Queen-Dick Dupree
Oh his Anaconda, Seriously

There were just so funny, but I loved every one of them.

The Bad

Long ass intro: not the actual Prologue chapter, but all the chapters it took for these two to actually meet. Especially because it was two strangers meeting. It felt like it took damn near forever.

Insta love: I am not a fan, unless the author can really write great chemistry, which is very difficult I know. And it didn’t seem to work, they fell for each other but then they spent so much time apart not even looking for each other, then they meet up again, and instantly all is good with the world? I just thought there could’ve been more build up before that happened.

Big Daddy: So yes Taddy calls Warner’s member Big Daddy, begin eye rolls.

Rushed End: As much as I liked the relationship that we finally got to see. I have to say that I felt like everything in Taddy’s life was wrapped up so quickly, I felt like I was cheated. That there was a couple of things they could've mentioned. But not that big a deal.

The Ugly

The Countess: I’m not going to say more about this bitch except I hate her!

So this was a fun read. I think that more time should’ve been spent on Warner and Taddy, but I liked it, and I will read the other books in the series for sure.